Lego introduces 1967 mustang to their Creator expert series by ShawnSkunk

when I learned that Lego did a Mustang for their model vehicle line in their Creator Expert series I almost immediately out of nowhere remembered back a little over 10 years ago to one night when I was asleep, I had a dream of Lego creating a Mustang for their toy line and I'm not talking about one for one of their age 12 to 14 play sets like the speed champions series I'm talking about a lego Mustang for one of their more adult collector oriented lines like the Creator Expert line or the lego technic line, I was genuinely dreaming about lego building a model Mustang for their catalog for adult collectors, it wasn't exactly the one that lego did and introduced recently but was instead a newer model but still a Mustang over all and the next morning after that dream I never really talked about it with anyone not even my family and after about two weeks I pretty much forgot about it and for a long time I never thought it anymore, fast forward to late February 2019 and I was looking around on the internet and came across a website called Eurobricks, being curious I clicked and I saw an announcement posted by user stating that the new Lego Creator Mustang was out in stores (in Europe of course), intrigued I checked the Lego's website and sure enough in their shopping catalog was a 1967 Mustang soon to be available next month on the 1st of March this year.
some of you out there if you haven't heard about this til now and are excited you're probably wondering how much will it cost, well I'll tell you the price it's well within range of any and all adult buyers but I first want to explain to you what I've learned about the lego Mustang.
Lego designers have always had desire to build in as much authentic detail and functionality as possible when they design and build a Lego Creator Expert vehicle and with every vehicle they do they always add more in each model, this can be clearly seen with the Volkswagon Camper Van and Beetle models, the Ferrari F40, the Mini Cooper, and perhaps the best example of their dedication to detail and functionality, the 007 Astin Martin DB5 a model I believe has the most functions I've ever seen in a model yet, but now I think Lego has completely themselves with the new Lego Creator Mustang.
aside from the really authentic body work which when you do a side by side comparison between it and a real 67 Mustang Lego has been really doing their homework on the body shape and details of the real thing, it doesn't where you look they both look almost alike with
near pinpoint accuracy, the Lego Mustang is also a model some unheard additions never featured before in previous models, like for example functional steering Lego has never added functional steering before in a Lego creator car, that's a first that I think was a genius idea, another first custom parts and accessories Lego has never offered customs parts for a Lego creator car, while you could make your own custom parts to modify your Lego creator car but never before has Lego offered custom parts and accessories right out of the shop before, the custom parts that come with the Mustang are a blower intake manifold, side exhaust pipes, a ducktail spoiler and front chin spoiler, nitrous oxide bottle, there's even a feature built into the Lego Mustang that allows you raise and lower the rear end to give it a hot rod like stance, with these features you can customize your Lego Mustang and make it look as factory stock or as Mad Max crazy as you want it to look.
another first are new five spoke vintage Torque Thrust style wheels much like the wheels off the Bullitt Mustang and speaking of Bullitt the Lego Mustang even a special easter egg type of sticker that's supposed the Mustang's rear view mirror but what makes a sticker an easter egg as I call it, is that it features a black silhouette of what appears to be a Dodge Charger following it thus obviously hinting at a reference to the movie Bullitt, a rather nice touch to this model, the Lego Creator Mustang even features a set of different types of license you can attached to the model, the first one is a vintage Michigan plate that spells GT 1967, the second one is a California plate that spells P51 AK2 (P51 obviousely referencing the P51 Mustang fighter that the Ford Mustang was named after), and final three plates are European plates.
and finally with this set when you open the instruction book you are introduced to a brief history of the Ford Mustang, where it got it's start, how it came to be so popular and become legend, it's 50 evolution, as well talking a little bit the Lego Mustang and it's designer.
as for the price I'm finally gonna tell you all now, with this Mustang and all it's details and all it's different functions and all it's accessories and it's special history enriched instruction book the Lego Creator Ford Mustang will only cost $150 dollars, the same price as previous Lego Creator model vehicles that came before it.
to come out with a Lego vehicle model like the 1967 Mustang and put this much detail, function and dedication into it and yet only charge $150 dollars? you can't find a better deal from anyone else than from Lego and I can tell you right now guys I may not have it yet and it may not be available yet until next month but I think it's well worth the wait especially if you're a big Mustang fan. :3

Lego introduces 1967 mustang to their Creator expert series


26 February 2019 at 01:07:55 MST

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