Leaving FA by SamagthraV2

I've been a long time member of FA for 13 years and it's come to this... :V

Right. I am sick to death of having to deal with issues on this site for whatever reason, especially when the most recent incident is concerning a 7 year old image I uploaded back in 2012 going against the ToS... Even though it doesn't and I got an immediate 4th level offense with 1 week suspension :I

Offending image in question;

Suspension details;

So....Whoever checked this image [b]clearly[/b] thought that the image involves minors being involved in cock vore. Even though there inst, and it cannot be proven they are the ones currently inside guilmon (is actually impmon in balls and renamon in belly). The blue dragon under guilmon' balls is Scotsman, an adult character, he just happens to be under a large Guilmon.

A few friends think its to do with the name list guilmon is holding that has the kids names on it that means they're involved. But that argument destroys itself, as things on the list are scored out when they're done. Since none of the names are crossed out, that means guilmon hasn't got around to the kids, thus nothing has happened to them in regards to cock vore!

Within this week suspension, I found I was unable to access any page whatsoever as it all resulted in a "suspended" message. This meant that when I wanted to appeal this, I was unable to check my profile settings to see which email address is linked to this account since I have 2 emails. Unable to see this, I had to assume it was my old email address that I created the account with.
5 days later, I get an email response saying[i] "Hello, this account is link to suchsuchs.co.uk please email us with this address"[/i][b]....great![/b] I have wasted most of my suspension time because I wasn't able to confirm which email address my account is linked to! Gotta love how primitive the appeal system is!

Basically, I don't like the staff that run FA, and I do not wish to contribute any further art pieces I make, cos GOD FORBID theres MORE MINORS INVOLVED IN SEXUAL STUFF!! (Even though they never are!)

I will only use my FA account for checking if I receive any notes or messages but I won't be submitting any more art from this point on. Sorry everyone!

You can follow me on these sites for more bulgey works~

Leaving FA


24 February 2019 at 03:25:40 MST

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