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My Ad's Stats Jan-Feb: LINK TO STATS

In mid January, I had decided to post up an ad on FurAffinity that linked to my Weasyl Profile to see what would happen. Today was the final day for it to be up, and I now have all the stats for this month along with answers to some thoughts I had previously.

Compaired to my previous ads, it actually reached some better results than what I had expected. That was a releif honestly. I was afraid since I was using the same ad as the last time, that my results would have already been less than before. 

How it Effected Weasyl was that I did in fact notice a more steady flow of new people on the site through the month. :3 I hope that you all can make use of the site features like the Tag Filter and Collections. They should be very handy! I also enjoyed talking to so many new people at once. There were actually quite a lot of you.

How it Effected Myself was less apparent than how it effected the site overall. Which in all honesty was my fault. I understand that people have less of a chance to Watch me on another site they don't initially have an account on. I also didn't advertise much as to why watching me on Weasyl was benificial to you viewers. Might have helped. 

I Think Weasyl should get an FA ad. In all honesty, I reached my beginning goal with flying colors. From here, I think I'd like to urge Site Staff of Weasyl to think about maybe grabbing an Ad Slot. I really want to see how an ad specifically advertising the site's features and the site would go. Would probably be 10x better than advertising only myself XD. It'd actually reach out to an audience looking for a place to post their art, rather than an audience curious about a single artist. (And it's your site, so you should be the ones to post up an ad about yourself)

As for my next Ad, I actually don't have any ideas at the moment for what I should do for the next time. it'll have to be a New Ad, and obviously animated! I post up my ads in order to entertain everyone's eyeball more than anything, so i really want to Wow you guys next time. There's nothing better than something fun for you all to see or get a chuckle at.

▲🌱FA Ad Stats [Result] Linked to Weasyl


21 February 2019 at 09:40:27 MST

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    I've definitely noticed a lot more ppl and artists here on weasyl because of it! Makes me kinda excited to see where it'll being this site.