I had enought by Alita Berserker

Ok guys, the time has come.
Things have happened and I don't want to discuss them. Some users from Eka's Portal/Aryion disappointed me a lot and bring away my will to share there all my art.
Eka's is a gallery. Of course it's about vore, but I don't think it should be the only one thing allowed to post. Like FurAffinity doesn't have just furry art.

But I had enought. Let's avoid this "misunderstanding".

From now, I'll post on Eka's Portal only vore-related art and advertisemens.
Raffles, commissions and other kind of drawings will be posted on other galleries (and not there anymore).
(You can always find the list here > https://linktr.ee/alita_berserker)

I'm sorry for that, more than you can imagine, but I can't manage annoying people anymore.

I had enought

Alita Berserker

20 February 2019 at 09:15:26 MST

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    Some galleries are hyper specific. I enjoy Gallery sites that allow more than a single theme of content agreeably, but some sites aren't set up that way. Aminos are like that, too.

    Ah speaking of Vore since its a topic, ya tagging your art with the specific types of vore you be making on here? (soft_vore, hard_vore, etc)

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      The site allows you to choose between "vore" and "non-vore" art when you submit stuff, so yes the site allows people to submit non vore-related art as well.
      And I submitted more vore-related art than non-related, so I can't find out what's the problem in this case.

      Btw yes, I usually add tags, a lot of them ^.^'

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        D: Then what's the problem with folks? What a pain in the toosh.

        Awesome. Sorry if I made ya worry or anything. Being on here I learned that there are more accurate tags than just the basic theme of some things.

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          So much people harassed me for that and I really can't stand them anymore, just that :<

          Np don't worry ^.^