Fugaia - Lubo Raffle Time by JomoOval

My birthday's coming up, so I'm doing another raffle like usual.

This time's gonna be different though. I wanna get my comic spread around more.
So to enter, all you have to do is make a journal with these 3 links on it:

You can post this on any site you like. The more different sites/accounts you post it on, the more entries you will have for this raffle.

NOTE: Make sure you comment bellow so I actually know you posted it an where. If you have more than one post for this, make sure all the links to them are in your comment.

Raffle ends Febuary 21st. Next Thursday.

--- PRIZES ---
1 Person will get a colored and outlined drawing featuring 2 characters of their choosing with a background as well
2 other people will get a colored and outlined drawing of any character
3 other people will get a colored and outlined mugshot of any character

--- PATREON ---

For those that wish to support me outside of this raffle, I have a patreon campgain for this comic. Every patreon has a chance of getting free art from me (garunteeded drawing if the payment is high enough).

If I get enough support then I'll be doing more things for the comic, such as making wallpapers, telegram stickers, and also being able to post more pages each week (currently I post 2 to 3 times a week)

This goes without saying, but you do not need to to support the patreon campaign in order to enter this raffle

--- ENTRIES ---

Fugaia - Lubo Raffle Time


12 February 2019 at 23:34:57 MST

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    I would like to enter in the raffle. Shared Journal: Link 1 | Link 2
    I sig boosted on FA and DA. Hope you don't mind. I'm happy to be able to enter a raffle from over here, though! :D Hope that you can reach out to plenty of people.

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      Yeah any site is fine, I really appreciate it!