▲🌱2019 Events. EEVEE KINGDOM by Uluri

King Cerulean: Greetings everyone of Chiyeko Kingdom. Our announcement today is to discuss our plans for the 2019 year for you all to enjoy.

 In the Treasury Department we will be upping our Contest Point prizes a little bit in 2019 thanks to everyone's Point Donations to our Point Donation Account King-Cerulean. If you would like to continue to Donate points, they will be Stockpiled for next year's 2020 contests and events! To donate simply click on either the Points Image that is crushing me, or go to my page to donate linked previously in this paragraph. These point will continue to keep the contests running.

I thank every last one of you for all of the help in creating this group, and keeping it going. 

Queen Dazzle: Hello Hello everyone! I will be Discussing Contests with you now! I hope you are all excited, because this year's contests are going to be a little different. Starting in April we will have our Meetings Place Contest. You will need to draw at least two eevee or eevelutions in the image to be qualified as an entry during that contest. Now into June we will have our first literature only contest. This one will be reserved for written work only. Comics will not be allowed. Finally for August we will be hosting our Pixel Art Contest. Not only will this be a very specific style of artwork, but we will also only accept art of our own mascots during this contest. 

Now remember everyone, we will only accept artwork for our contests during the month that they are posted. Feel free to start brainstorming early, but don't post up any entries until the contests begin! This is all I have to tell you for now, can't wait to see you all during Contest season ˚✧・. 。・゚゚

Prince Zenton: Hey there everyone. Ehh sorry about not having the Tournament this year. The arena got a little messed up before it happened and we couldn't clean it up in time for it. I don't know if we'll be hosting this year either. 

Princess Pearl: I want to make a speech! Paapaaa lemmy talk, too! 
Hi Everyone!

▲🌱2019 Events. EEVEE KINGDOM


12 February 2019 at 07:55:28 MST

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