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The Finest Furry Convention! by Dreamkeepers

Which one is the finest?

Every furcon we’ve ever attended has been fun, but one convention is now the indisputable leader. Not in terms of giganticness, but in regard to what matters, the winner is:

Further Confusion!

The reason for their newfound status as Finest Furry Convention is simple. They made a small, common sense addition to their Code of Conduct:

“AAE and FurCon do not permit membership or attendance by any individual who is a convicted sex offender, or appears on any federal or state sex offender registry.”

After the grisly “zoosadism” leaks of 2018, a policy of this nature is undeniably necessary for all-ages conventions. But you’d be surprised at the back-channel resistance we encountered when suggesting it. Off-record, convention staff formulated excuses so absurd that I lost hope.

But Further Confusion came to the rescue, and showed everyone how easy it is. I have no idea if they were aware of our petition or not, but I’m grateful for their action on this matter.

Further Confusion is now the finest furry convention! Hopefully more conventions follow their lead, and also become the finest. At any rate, if you have the ability, show them some gratitude or donate to their charities. We’re happy to see the world becoming a better place.

The Finest Furry Convention!


11 February 2019 at 18:19:04 MST

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