Slideshow Player: Quality filter and realtime settings by Mircea

I made several major improvements to the slideshow player last week. The most significant change is the ability to filter submissions based on quality for both artwork and music; The player will now pick posts with the highest rating within the count specified by the user. Note that this relies on the rating reported by the API of each site, which some sources (such as Inkbunny) don't support: Submissions without a score will default to 0 and end up at the bottom of the list.

The second major change is increased customization flexibility. Users are now able to modify every option in realtime: You may adjust the image or song count while the player is running, content will be added or removed immediately without you having to restart your slideshow. Even keywords and NSFW mode can be edited without stopping the player: New content will be downloaded in the background once you finish typing, the new submissions are applied seamlessly once all plugins finish working.

You can try Slideshow Player for yourself directly from your browser by visiting its Github Pages link:

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Slideshow Player: Quality filter and realtime settings


11 February 2019 at 16:05:03 MST

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