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▲🌱Refsheet Site Update by Uluri

:3 Alrighty, so the refsheet site I'm using right now is literally called Refsheet. Here be the few main characters of mine I have on there for now: <- Here they are. You can see my OCs as examples here. 

I'll go over some Features it has.
- Can Customize the color layout of an OCs page
- Anyone can make an Account :3 (No access code or other nonsense)
- Color Pallet, it has one for your OC
- Uses html code for text customization. 
- Can add more sections
- Upload more than on Image at once
- nsfw art allowed (This includes gore, nudity, and sexual themes for your knowledge)
- Actually, you can also label an entire OC as nsfw if ya wanted
- Has a nsfw filter, and for the sake of it being a reference site, I can actually show my nsfw to artists as nsfw references for nsfw art. They don't /need/ an account for me to use the site for reference art of my OCs if I'm getting nsfw art from an artist.
EXAMPLE (It's gore):

Only Downside I'm really facing with this is that currently for nsfw art, if your OC is not put into NSFW mode before uploading nsfw art, it will appear as SFW momentarily until you adjust the setting. XD So yeah, just a heads up before uploading anything lewd, nude, or otherwise. put your OC into nsfw mode until you finish uploading and adjusting the nsfw art. 

▲🌱Refsheet Site Update


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