Free Twokinds drawing by JohnSergal

Hello. I wanted to try some contest or voting. I do not know how it is called correctly.
In general: You can post any ideas on the topic of the Twokinds universe and their characters. The number of ideas is not limited. Both nsf ideas and nsfw ideas are allowed. By nsfw ideas allowed any fetishes. The number of characters in the drawings are not limited (I want to test myself).
Starting from today for a week (until Wednesday 13), you can invent and write down your ideas here. At the end of the week, voting will begin. And whose idea will gain most of the votes will be drawn by me.
Unleash your imagination and tastes.

Free Twokinds drawing


8 February 2019 at 01:52:19 MST

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    How about Karen,Red and Fem/Mike with Karen on top reverse cowboy position on Red with Fem/Mike holding Karen's face into her crotch eating Fem/Mikes pussy? Alternately What about the big lizard statue taking Rose doggystyle with one clawed hand squeezing one of her breasts pulling her off one hand from all fours rough and passionate? Hey she's got to keep the thing under control and happy somehow!
    From caldaq