[comissions/life update] State of the Atelier February 2019 by peri

Howdy weasyl friends!

January turned out to be an incredibly over-busy and over-scheduled month for me. I went directly from dealing with getting my legal gender marker update completed with the state of California into FC, followed a few days later by USENIX Enigma (a usable security/privacy conference, more related to my video games work than art/writing), then moving my apartment into storage while I was headed out to Phoenix, Arizona for interviews.

The good news is that the professional events have gone very well. The bad news is that I've been overwhelmed with professional games/infosec work and have not had time to really make a lot of progress on furry writing or art. There's also quite a few "small worlds" problems with this overlap; interacting in infosec+games+emulation circles means I end up having to talk to people I would rather not have to deal with face to face (or at all, in some cases) out of my need to stay up to date on the world of computer network security and privacy.

Moving has also turned out to be... ridiculously expensive. I've had to scale back a bunch of my personal expenses and continue to defer paying for transition related health costs. This really sucks, but mostly represents me optimizing for continued access to estrogen and anxiety medications at the cost of not being able to follow through on my plans for bottom surgery this year. I am hoping that things work out ok so that it can still happen, but right now the big challenge is uncertainty about where I'll be living next month, much less where I can get appropriate gender-affirming care in the near future.

This unfortunately also means I'm canceling on attending Anthro New England due to bad timing financially. Sorry to those of you who wanted to see me there. TFF may also end up being canceled for finances.

[comissions/life update] State of the Atelier February 2019


6 February 2019 at 16:04:00 MST

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