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Hello from the nerdy side. Just wanted to do a quick journal letting everyone know that I decided to come back. I looked over quite a few websites to see where I fit in, and as it seems, I actually fit in pretty well here! I needed an easy interface for setting up my commissions, and I think I finally found the right combination. No more arguing with FA.Net's. weird setup. (I can't seem to understand it. ^^; ) So, here I am, back again.

I can also be found lurking on the Furry Amino... But commissions don't really work out over there for me... Not with the coin market taking over. -.- In my opinion everyone wants to use coins since it's almost like getting free art. Especially when the virtual currency is practically given to you by ads. Yes. My landlady will totally accept virtual, overall... useless coins for rent... No. No she won't! And don't forget, Walmart just loves not making money. I'm sure they will be okay if I buy my groceries with useless coins with absolutely no money value.... No. No they won't!
(Sorry, had to get that off my chest.)

Commissions Now Open


6 February 2019 at 00:49:33 MST

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