Sorry for Brief Hiatus by KiRAWRa

Heya guys, sorry for my brief unannounced hiatus. I know it's weird to get an upload from me every day and then suddenly nothing for two weeks. I'm usually pretty good about queuing up a backlog to prevent that kinda thing from happening, but January turned out to be a very rocky month for me and I withdrew from most of my social media.

To make a very long story short, after waiting 6 months, my application for a registered copyright on my Yin Yang Rats design (because of ongoing art theft) was denied, due to an oversight on the application form itself. I've yet to make a call to their govt office to see if things can be corrected, but the whole situation has me a bit furious and I don't have much faith they'll really do anything to help me.
On top of that, I lost two of my pet rats very suddenly and unexpectedly. Both had to be put down in the same week due to unrelated causes, which was a pretty heavy blow both financially and emotionally.

I'm still grappling with everything, but doing my best to get back to my posting routine. Regular posts across all my accounts should be resuming tomorrow. I've got a lot of fun stuff from the holidays and personal projects I'm looking forward to showing you ♥

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Sorry for Brief Hiatus


5 February 2019 at 20:31:57 MST

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