Late January/Early February Uptade - important! by sirkain

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Oh man… what an intense few weeks its been since the last life update. Did stuff really happen? Is this just fantasy…? insert bohemian rhapsody song in the background

- Well going back to weekend Memorial Day was around, I ended up in the hospital for a couple days cause ran out of insulin. I didn't think would e bad for one (1) day to not have it and been prepping for it being on mostly water and super low carb meals and resting… but NOPE. If a diabetic runs out of insulin for ~12+ hours , they are getting on verge of death, and I haven't felt that bone chilling fear hit me since 2002 when went to hospital leaning I was a diabetic. After throwing up the 6th? 7th time in a few hour span and was totally dehydrated, I bolted to the ER while on adrenaline from the current throw up and felt OK enough to drive there. Sugars were at 600 (breaking record from nearly 17 years ago) and far worse in health condition. All cause ran out of insulin for less than a 24 hour period.

Thankfully, no permanent damage was done to my eyes, kidneys or anything else except my debts. Learned about OTC (no prescription) insulin now existing at Wal Mart that I can buy for real cheap in vials as a backup for when run out before next shipment gets in via mail. While not the same recipes my insulin's are, they work and would keep me from seeing the hospital and a super expensive bill.

I see my main doctor this week sometime to go over what happened that weekend and to get some prescription adjustments and a checkup to see how doing now and better manage my insulin stuff. I for sure do NOT want to EVER feel that hell again of not having insulin. Was worse than all my hangovers, alcohol poisonings and migraine episodes put together. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and I partied hard for many years.

- So, a few days after that had a fur friend know for around a decade now say they wanted to hang out my way for their vacation and I said sure. I had nothing crazy going on and the business to-do’s weren't going to cause issues.

First night when got late and all my to do things were done, had my first drink (everdew), he wanted one so made him one. Drank, chatted, watched YouTube stuff as well as Top Gear stuff. 2 drinks flipping to rum on the rocks… 3… 4… up to WTF-o-clock still chatting and learning about the other while watching stuff we both really enjoyed. Next day (Monday) we were hung over. Not horribly, but definitely took most of the day to not feel out of whack. During that day I did my bank chores and him tagging along and I popped the question - “So whats your thoughts on us dating?” “Seriously? “yeah.”

days passed, felt like on a high and blink and its another day… what am I feeling? Oh.. right. Something not had in decades. Mutual interest/love in someone else. 9+ years since last dated someone. ¼ of my life basically. We aren't OFFICIALLY dating, but testing the waters and much, much talking and learning of the other. And I am glad things are going that way. The person you ask it is? Largo Wolf. They don't have an FA account at this time, but poking them to have one. Or at least one on an art site.

The conversations and events that have happened over this past week with them has put me on cloud 9 I forget reality is still going on. Cried from comments, humbled by things they have done for me. Making a 40+ year old kinkg of the hill reject looking like ‘old’ man feel loved and worth something to someone else in a potential relationship/companionship kind of way. The amount of hobbies and life goals we share. I'm crying in joy as I type this out. Wow. Wow….. wow… Even if the dating trial doesn't pas for us, I have one hell of a close awesome friend to add to that circle and to help keep me loved and on track. Best one can anyway heh.

wipes tears and lets out a deep breath so yeah. Intense near death experience, then followed up by this was quite extreme and intense. We will see how life goes on from this point forward. Thanks for reading this far if you survived the usual walls of text.


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Late January/Early February Uptade - important!


3 February 2019 at 21:55:02 MST

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