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Once again TL;DR @ the bottom for those who get distracted easily or don't like looking at a wall of text.


So, yeah I've got work to do for sure! Putting myself on a deadline so I'll be pretty busy for the next two months preparing for that deadline.

This deadline is going to be my official "OPEN for Commissions" deadline. I'd like to have most if not all of my current art completed or nearly complete by this deadline. Going to push myself to keep it as practice for any deadlines and such I need to set or meet in the future.

All of the art I've been posting as of late, well about 99% of it so far, is personal art, and while yes it is personal art, it's been a MAJOR help to me in gauging about how much time it takes me to finish a piece, what I'd like to offer, helping me get properly warmed up, practice meeting deadlines of a sort, and now as I start working on color it's helping me weed out what markers I'll need to order.

I'd also like to finally set myself a deadline because I need to get this ball rolling for outside reasons.

There's been a bit of a sudden change in situation in my family that means I may need to start doing more to earn a little extra so that I'm carrying my own weight more fully.

With finances probably going to become a little tighter in the family I need to try and start doing what I can to make sure I've got stuff on my end covered. I'd really rather work to tie off my end of stuff fully on my own through commissions as opposed to having to try and pick up a second job working retail in the evenings and/or on weekends.

I will, however, do what I need to in order to be able to maintain things here on my end.

Well see. There's a lot that may be changing here in the next few months so I may or may not need to really worry about things.


Besides all of that here's the general plan I've got going for the next several weekends:

May 12th: *Mother's Day*

I'll be working on a couple Mother's Day sketches at the very least, and I'll probably start timing my drawing processes with another drawing I've got planed as well.

So While it won't be a lot and maybe nothing more than a couple sketches, I will have something to share tomorrow evening.

May 18th & 19th: *More Colored Art*

This weekend I'm planing on getting a few more pieces colored and off my plate. Not to mention I'll at least be fully introducing Zev, Conall, Faelan, and the yet to be seen Daciana.

I'll also be working on completing my Commission Status pieces and I think I'm going to make something of a Twitter ad for my Twitter account as well.

May 25th - 27th: *Memorial Day Weekend*

YAY 3 Day weekend!

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to work on art this weekend. Right now it's up in the air, I may have the same amount of time as usually, with one day being spent with family having something of a cook-out, but I will have the 27th off of work .

I'll know more as this weekend draws nearer.

If I do have time for art however, I plan to work on completing another handful of pieces, as well as introducing MaKenzie, Alexander & Shelby.

June 1st & 2nd: *Weekend in Fisco: Shopping & Haircut*

This weekend I'm going to assume I won't have any time for art.

I'll be spending the weekend in Frisco, all day Saturday I'll be doing some shopping and getting my haircut before our vacation. I'll probably be staying the night there to spend some time with family and then driving back Sunday.

June 5th - 9th: *Vacation in Hershey, Pennsylvania*

I'll be leaving with my dad, step-mom and my sister on Wednesday, June 5th to fly to Hershey, Pennsylvania for my dad's annual ARA (Ariel Rocket Artillery) Reunion.

Well be there from Wednesday through Sunday when we fly back to Texas. I'll post more information on this as the weekend grows closer because it's going to be SOOOOOOOO much fun! I'm getting excited!

Needless to say, while I probably will be taking some of my art stuff with me, I won't be getting much of anything done more than likely, if anything just a sketch or two probably.

June 15th & 16th: *Father's Day*

This weekend I assume will be one I'll be able to spend working on art. However, it is Father' Day weekend so I may end up doing something with my dad as well.

If anything though I do plan on having something at least sketched for Father's Day so at the very very least there'll be that!

June 22nd & 23rd: *Art Weekend!*

At the moment I do believe this will be a weekend devoted completely to art! So expect to see some more completed pieces and art cleared off my plate!

June 29th & 30th: *More ART!!!*

Yep, same as the last weekend, however this weekend I may devote completely to art no matter what to put my nose to the grind stone and get most of whatever is remaining on my plate cleared off.

Expect more completed art this weekend as well!

July 5th: *Commissions OPEN!*

This is going to be a Friday and the deadline I have set for myself to officially open for commissions. I don't plan on changing this date unless something crazy happens, and even if I have a couple personal pieces that I have not completed yet.

If anything I should have most everything that I currently have in the works off my plate by this time so, while I still have plenty of ideas for personal art, I'll be mixing those in here and there with commission work from this point on.


That's the general plan I've got set up for myself thus far!

Ignore my burning NEED to be organized and what's a combination of my being a tad bit OCD and what can I say, I'm a Virgo through and through.

This not only helps illustrate my plan to those who are interested but it helps me keep myself organized and focused. I don't feel like I have a bunch of details and deadlines and things I need to do bouncing around in my head all random and shit when I can get it all out in front of me.


TL;DR - Expect to see all kinds of art, sketches and completed work for most of the next two months. I've got a handful of weekends where I'll be out and about with family, running errands, and planning for and going on vacation.

AKA - Stang is a busy woof!!!

Stang Has Work to Do!


11 May 2013 at 20:23:47 MDT

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