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hey guys, how's everyfur doing?
I'm a little late on getting started on the final part of my Audi Quattro review but will get started on that shortly, probably tomorrow since I'll be watching the puppy bowl tonight, yes the puppy bowl X3 if you don't know what that is, I suggest you google it and then watch it on animal planet tonight.
after I complete and post the final part of the Quattro review my next review this time around will be a history review on a race car driver, the driver I will be doing a review on is a famous American stock car driver named Wendell Oliver Scott, he was Nascar's first African American driver and is a driver I believe that helped pave the way for a generation of African American drivers like Bubba Wallace, I think it'll be a really a cool story to look into especially for black history month.
had a fun night last night with my big brother up at the hobby shop, me and him tried out a Disney board game he got recently called Villanous it's a really fun board game in fact I had too much fun playing it, my favorite villian to play so far is obviously enough Prince Jon from Robin Hood ;3
I heard there was an expansion coming out for this game and that it was gonna have Scar in it, I'm too excited for that ^^
while at the shop I got the chance to beta test my table top racing game testing the speed rules I wrote or it and I think it went well I played two solo rounds and moving those hotwheels cars of mine at crazy speeds, i still need to think of a name for my game yet so far I haven't thought of a good one yet
plus I got to play smash brothers on the nintendo switch for the first time and with a gaming group that comes every saturday night, I got my ass handed to me royally on every I played lol XD but I did enjoy playing the star fox characters
afterwards we just ate dinner at an Ihop with really slow service and didn't get back home until two in the morning, but I had fun.
that's all I have to say so Quattro review the final part coming soon and afterwards my first driver review on good old Wendell for black history month some of you may not be into motorracing and it's history but I'm sure you're love this guy cause he was go getter despite the bigotry he faced back in his day, see you then :3

february update


3 February 2019 at 15:17:47 MST

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