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I'm really disappointed that this site didn't get bigger/more traffic/more active. Like, everyone was all excited that we got a decent art site finally and flocked here and made accounts and posted their art...and then nothing happened after that.

Nobody is posting, if they are, it's not regularly. The site seems very...empty. I had such high hopes, but it seems everyone has forgotten about woozle. :C

idk I'll continue posting here and hope things pick up again, but I've been on enough art sites to know when one's not gonna make it. I'll also trudge back to DA and start posting there again, since 'this account is no longer active' doesn't seem to keep people from +watching me. I don't like it there, but at least my art gets seen.



11 May 2013 at 18:37:39 MDT

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    I seriously feel the same way. I was so excited about this, and a few of my friends followed and made sites here, but I post my art and no one else does. It's just so dead. :/ But, hey, you have one active follower. :)

    dA's just gotten so big that I feel people are afraid to leave there as these smaller sites are quieter. Honestly, I find that a little comforting sometimes. I can come here and get away from all the drama that I see on dA. But it certainly is disappointing. I had really high hopes for this site too. And don't get me wrong, the site is amazing, it's just I feel people are too afraid to leave other sites because they are smaller and quieter. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, though.