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2019 Plans by NecroDrone

Figure its time for a new journal and tell you all what I have going on, or at least what I have planned.

I have recently updated my Terms of Service as well as my Commission Prices and Types available. With this, I plan on continuously opening for commissions at least once, ideally twice, a month (around the 1st and 15th). I also plan on taking on two large projects a month, these include Character Sheets and Comics. (For the next couple months however, I will need to stay these types of commissions due to catching up on my last year's batch). Telegram stickers have been added since the demand is still high for custom stickers, and some have expressed a lot of interest when seeing my own personal ones.

I'll be posting my daily work schedule (to which I will be treating like a "9-5" job), here and on FA and Trello. I want to be transparent and diligent about my workload this year, and hopefully make twice the art I have in recent years. Lastly, as a personal goal, I would like to do Charity Streams at least once every other month (ideally once a month, but we'll see how things pan out). These will be IN STREAM ONLY commissions, and every penny of the proceeds will go to a specific charity. These commissions will be Quickie Doodles ONLY and will be on sale at the time of the stream.

So there you have it, the best update I can give at this time! As always if you have any questions, please comment below or email me at TetheredDragon gmail. Thank you for your support and patience with me, my freaky darlings <3

2019 Plans


30 January 2019 at 13:07:35 MST

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    Rock on! \m/

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    :o Charity streams sounds like a pretty cool idea! Curious if you will be beholden to particular subject ratings because of the charity organization.

    Also, seems like you're getting moar done than I am. xD

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      I'm not sure how I will be doing it, but I may just offer cheap conbadges or something. I want to keep it fun and more general for those definitely.

      I'm trying to!! Its not easy but I think I've got things figured out that work for me. Hope you are doing well, darlin <3

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        Work stress, general "life-direction" depression ... but I am getting along, else-wise. Trying to stream more sketch stuff, as well as trying to catch up on Patreon work. I'm still not quite the full-time artist I always sort of wanted to be. But maybe that'll change this year. Or maybe I'll get around to arranging a good Part-Time gig supplemented by art.

        Hopefully this year will be a year of change. <3 Glad to hear from you, as well. :D