10 DAYS!! by Raylenequinn

EDIT: I am editing the countdown~ I drive down on the 30th ♥

10 Days until i drive myself down to Colorado and i get to see some of my internet friends in person for the FIRST TIME EVERRR ♥

Meanwhile enjoying Denver Comic Con ♥

For awhile now I've advertised commissions to help pay for the trip. My paychecks have managed to pull me nearly all the way through and I'm reaching the 2 week stretch. I've lowered my commission prices in hopes of gaining just a little bit more so i have some cushion. It'll mostly just buy me my food during the trip. In all honesty all of what i have saved up will only get me there and back, aka my gas money. @.@

I'd greatly appreciate if word could be spread of my commissions ♥

If commissions seem successful I'll probably make these prices permanent. If you have any ideas on how i can better market my commissions feel free to say. ♥

10 DAYS!!


11 May 2013 at 11:59:18 MDT

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