My commission pricing system has been…It sure has been. It’s this much as a base, but if you want this, it’ll be this much extra, and if you want that it’ll be this much more, and this other thing will also cost you, and a lot of it is entirely subjective and sometimes things get difficult to keep track of. So while it has worked for me for a while, I need a change that’s more fair for you and easier for the both of us to keep track of.

Since I stream all of my work, and thus have witnesses to see how long I’ve spent on a piece, I’ve decided that the best possible system in this instance is a mixture of minimum and per hour amounts. So there will be a base price for sketches, linework with flat colours, and full rendering, and that will guarantee a certain amount of time spent on your piece, but if the piece goes over that time, the “cutoff point”, as it were, then the per hour amount will kick in, and will remain consistent for each level of finish. So sketches, linework and flat colour, and full renders will all have the same amount per hour after the initially granted amount of time has passed. Furthermore, the amount per hour will be for the full hour. So if I spend an hour and fifteen minutes on a sketch commission, it will cost as much as a two hour sketch.

The price guide so far (subject to change)
Sketch: $30 – Cutoff point of 1 hour
Linework with flat colours: $50 – Cutoff point of 3 hours
Full render: $80 – Cutoff point of 6 hours

So this seems really simple, doesn’t it? And I think it covers everything I had before in my massive list of things that would incur extra charges without me seeming like I’m trying to nickel and dime the hell out of my clients. I wasn’t, I just knew that those things that cost extra would take more time, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing a hugely expansive piece for the same price as a very simple piece because then the person who got the simple piece might feel like they got ripped off, and that’s not fair to anyone. This system guarantees an amount of time spent on a work that’s average to how long it usually takes for that kind of piece, and if you want armour, backgrounds, extra characters, extreme character design…well, I don’t have to list it out anymore to say “Hey, you have this that and the other and, according to my list, that's going to double the price of your piece. Sorry!” and now it’s just…you pay for this amount of time and if it takes longer, you pay for that too.

So I hope that this system is clear and makes sense to you guys, and most importantly, for the people who are currently in my commission queue, this WILL NOT change the price of your piece! You commissioned me during the Olde System, so you're still paying that price. For anyone who does decide to commission me after the point that I hit the post button on this journal, you'll be using the system detailed above.

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN COMMISSIONING ME! While I still need to update my page for this new system, you can still propose a project to me over here at https://commiss.io/kraest



29 January 2019 at 14:09:27 MST

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