Commission Shedule 2019/01/28 by DarkShadow777

Quick update in commission schedules, as I'm back on track!

For this batch, I have the following people:
- Monday: Snippet_Kobbold
- Tuesday: Nerzha
- Wednesday: SherryMayim
- Sunday: BLADEDGE

I also have a waiting queue for people that will come next after this commissions are completed.
Check that out in my Trello

- More changes to my Discord server, I now added a neato banner on the rules channel, give it a look to know how to join, it's easy ^^. Everyone is welcome, from fun people, to my dear fellow writers and artists. The bigger the community the better! Check the invite link on my profiles.

-  I remind you that, if you are in the waiting queue, I will contact you before I set your day, so we are sure we are going to work. Keep this in mind because, I will be waiting for you to give me inputs about your commission. If by the day you are scheduled I don't hear about you, I will reschedule you and move to the next person. It's just not fair to keep others waiting when they reserved beforehand and they already know what to get... Thank you.


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Commission Shedule 2019/01/28


28 January 2019 at 13:04:10 MST

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