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I only accept paypal, thanks.

.:Prices for Pictures:.

  • Sketch/Lineart: 8$
  • Flat Color: 10$
  • Shading: 13$
  • Shading + Background: 16$

That's for one character, if you want to add more it's +5$ per character.
Alternate versions of a drawing is +2$ per version.

.:Prices for Refsheets:.

  • Ref.Sheet Front + Back view (Lineart/No color): 8$
  • Ref.Sheet Front, Back + Side view (Lineart/No color): 10$
  • Ref.Sheet Front + Back view (Flat color): 12$
  • Ref.Sheet Front, Back + Side view (Flat color): 14$
  • Ref.Sheet Front + Back view (Color/Shading): 16$
  • Ref.Sheet Front, Back + Side view (Color/Shading): 18$

.:Prices for Comic Pages:.

The prices are for one page, maximum 6 panels per page.

  • Sketch: 15$
  • Lineart: 20$
  • Flat Color: 25$
  • Color + Shading: 30$

If you need more info about this, just note me.


  • The prices are all in USD, just in case you wonder the currency.
  • If you commission me, please be patient. I try to be quick but understand that I have a life too.
  • If you order multiple commissions or YCHs at once, you can have some little discounts.
  • I won't draw gross things like; vore, scat, diapers and those kind of things. So don't ask, thanks.
  • The YCHs in my gallery are always open with unlimited spots, so never be shy to ask for some.
  • If you want arts with my characters, I don't mind, just ask and we can discuss. ~
  • If you want to add me on discord or telegram, it's fine, the info are given below.
  • If you have more questions, you can note me and I'll be happy to reply & give you some answers.

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28 January 2019 at 08:37:20 MST

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