Tablet Fund Question XPPen or Cintiq? Help! by Cybercat

Hey everyone!

I have a delema and I'm not sure what to do. So I'm asking for advice. My plan for the tablet had been to use my old Toshiba Protoge'  with the new tablet. 

When I'd tried the Yiynova tablet several years ago  there had been a lot of problems with drivers and getting it to work.  Between the learning curve and the price I decided to return it. 

It hadn't occured to me to try to test it out on my old computer. Well I spoke with the folks at Xp-Pen yesterday and because it's still running Vista and because it is a tablet pc (even if I removed the drivers) it seems that it would still cause conflicts.

So my plan isn't going to work, at least this aspect of it. 

So I need to decide  this: Do I accept there is going to be a long learning curve and abandon the idea of having my Intuos as a back up and get the XP-pen for $500. 

Or do I try to save the $2000 for the Cintiq?  which will work on my pc without me having to deal with driver conflicts with the Intuos.

I've been incredibly  grateful for all those who've donated and shared info about this fund raiser. Right now there is enough to get the XPen. 

However I don't believe we'd get to $2000 with just the final promised piece finished. (the Albinus art)

I can't afford to put all my time and commission money into the tablet fund. I barely made January's bills. (and technically I wouldn't at all if not for Mom helping with medicines and food)

What do you all suggest I try doing? Would me doing commissions via Auctions be something you all are interested in?  with the auctions set at a higher than I normally charge for a piece? the extra going to my fund?

I welcome other suggestions and Ideas. Thanks so much!


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Tablet Fund Question XPPen or Cintiq? Help!


19 January 2019 at 07:40:11 MST

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    XP-Pen is about to release a tablet with tilt. Wait it out. I've had an Xp-Pen 16 and it was the best tablet I've ever had (and I also do have a Yiynova 22"). Because I purchased a Lenovo Yoga, passed on the XP Pen to my sister and regret it, however, about to start saving to replace my Yiynova with the new, not yet fully revealed XP-Pen tablet they just began teasing.

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    I'd recommend the XP-Pen, it has drivers for Ubuntu and Mint.