Activity here and Postybirb test by RealZero

Alright, so, this journal has two reasons:

1. My activity here: As stated in previous journal(s), I'm mainly active on FA and Inkbunny. I'm not saying those are better than this site, it's just, well, FA is basically THE most know furry site, and Inkbunny was damn impressive back then.
Thing, is, though, it's just too much "work" to go through submissions on six or so sites.
BUT, well, that's the "work" part, basically. It's "hard" going through all the submissions and journals all the time, seriously, I have a nearly 100000 backlog on FA already. cries

What I WILL do, though, I will upload my missing commissions here and keep my profile updated for the few people actually following me on here, so, expect two or so new uploads in a bit. :-)
I will also try to reply to comments and messages. Regarding contact, though, as stated in my profile, E-Mail and Twitter is the best way to reach me directly. :-)

This is mainly thanks to, and here is reason number

2. I'm using this journal to test a piece of software called "Postybirb", which basically is supposed to upload both, artwork and journals, to tons of sites, mostly furry, at once, fitting tags, settings and formatting to each of 'em.
I have no clue IF this will work and I cannot promise you it's good, save and trustworthy for now. But it LOOKS quite neat.
In case it is good, and you want to give it a try, the website is this:

So, yeah, first, let's see if this journal appears, then, if it does, let's check bulk-submitting. :-)

Activity here and Postybirb test


16 January 2019 at 10:43:31 MST

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    :3 Everything work out the way you hoped with postybirb? Hopefully it will be helpful to you. It has been for me, and I'm now running on like, 8 sites with it.

    Yeah, when you start getting backlog on notifs it gets to be a hastle, but I figure if I haven't looked at them in a month, I'll nuke em because I'll probably just keep piling them and never get to them. I do this with all the sites i'm on, I'll check like five pages then nuke if I get over 1,000 submission notifs. You watching a lot of people on FA to have that much notification?

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      Yeah, I guess removing it all might actually be the best way, but I fear to miss so many great things if I do that! :-D
      I'm watching about 900 people, but the main problem is that I didn't manage much "furry activity" the recent months due to "life" and all that stuff. But well, I'll work through that stuff, hopefully the next time I'm on vacation...or feel pissed off and remove it all, we will see. :-D

      And yes, so far Postybirb works fine, I'm a bit confused on how to use the "bulk" mode, but not being an artist myself I should be fine with the regular single mode anyway.
      It's certainly a very nice software so far, I really gotta drop the creator some dollars to say "thank you" at some point.

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        Bulk to me when using is how I set up pre-made set ups. My Bulk Saved preform thingies all that the list all have this pre-set up for when I upload things because doing the code junk is so much time every time.

        Weasyl | FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Inkbunny | Ko-fi | Patreon | Youtube
        Feel free to suggest tags/Keywords to my artwork. It is very much appreciated!

        ^ So I don't have to re-write any of this over and over. Just press a button and that part is already there along with the main folders I use for my sites already set into place.