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I haven't left! I have no intention of leaving. But I still have next to no motivation to post anything yet, especially seeing how most of my drawings recently have been of either the "repetitive practice" variety or "art sparring with my mate" variety, so not really anything relevant to the public eye. I've doubled down on writing even more, and on top of that I've a rather demanding job now eating a lot of time, which leaves little room for producing stuff I feel the world needs to see.

My mate and I have discussed maybe putting up a joint gallery, but we've yet to take any decisive action, and it remains squarely in the realm of "maybe sometime". This said, this doesn't mean the uploads have dried out completely. Something will end up seeping through sooner or later. That's just how things are. I just need to get to the point where I feel like it's a good idea.

Over the years I've steadily been turned off to the idea of sharing art simply due to how much weight is put on it in the various communities I frequent. Everyone's all about visual art all the time. Digital art especially. It's pretty much the object of worship. It's easy to consume, it's quick, it's light. All you have to do with a picture is take a gander and that's it. And then you can keep taking it out of the creepy vault and sniff it every now and then or something. Meanwhile, other forms of art (writing, music) which require some sort of determination, patience, or concentration to consume are duly ignored.

Writing has always been my forte; I've done it since I was 5. Drawing is pretty much just something I've picked up on the side. And yet that's what's always focused on. I mean of course I have no right to anyone's attention by any means, and I don't mean to sound all entitled, but after a while I've begun to feel strong distaste to the way visual (particularly digital) art tends to dominate everything at the expense of music and--especially--writing.

This isn't some sort of shitty demand that anyone take interest in my writing. Or music. Far from it. Sure, I absolutely don't mind potential readers to run stuff by, or an audience to hear my tunes, but this post is just me venting my frustration with the way art is pretty much idolised and worshiped and is the center of what I can only call a cluster of obsessions. I am disheartened by it and it suppresses my motivation to be public as an artist. It's the McDonald's of creativity and I'm not a burger flipper.

Life signal


16 January 2019 at 03:04:51 MST

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    Also porn is extremely popular, and there's plenty of that in the visual variety. If you write smut it would maybe get more attention. I don't think you can translate porn into music very well, but I've probably had a wank while Penumbra or something played in the background.