January Braxton Update by SilverSheep

It looks like I will be only part fox at FurDU this year. My fursuit maker Kai Lóng has been under the gun during the last part of 2018 so her queue has filled. I'll still be foxing at FurDU. I'm glad that I commissioned a maker who has open communication channels. You often hear the horror stories of people who are hyped up for a new suit to be delivered at a convention only to find out when they arrive it didn't happen.

I'm convinced that I made the right decision to go with Eastern Dragon Studios. I've seen their work out there and it's top stuff. Their suits have a style I really like. Bringing my fox Braxton into reality is a dream that I didn't want to just be a dream. I want this fox magic for 2019 New year, new fox. I've never owned a fursuit before so it's going to be a learning curve.

I'm sure I can put together a few things for Braxton's costume. A blue feather boa was calling out to me at the two dollar shop. I'd imagine Braxton as more flamboyant than boring Byron. It's part of why a wanted a fabulous fox to express my gayness. I'm not that flamboyant in real life. I don't ping anyone's gaydar. Perhaps a hospitality uniform something simple would suit him. I have friends who come up outfits for steampunk so I'm sure I can bounce ideas off them.

I'm unabashedly making no apologies for my hype over Braxton. I'm going to get much worse before I get a hold of him. I rave about the things I love and cool fursuits are right up there.

January Braxton Update


14 January 2019 at 20:44:28 MST

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