STREAMING - The Twilight316 Zone - 1/12/19 by Pegasus316

REEEALLY need to update here more often. >_<

I hope everyone else's holidays were good to them! :)

I have been SUPER busy, despite not streaming since sometime in late August, I think. : P I'm sure at least a few of you have seen my most recent "Furry X-Men" piece. But, if you haven't, that's okay! It's right there in my gallery. I'm planning to update that piece to a slightly larger file so it's a little easier to see. :)

MFF has come and gone and with it a new batch of commissions on my plate. I'll be working on old an new over the next several weeks. I intend to get a LOT done between now and the end of February, which just happens to be when ANE hits. Tonight's piece is an ink piece. Loooots of detail. Shadowrun-inspired. :)

If time allows, I'll try to move on to some color work. Got a couple that I'm dying to get finished up. :)

The show, as always, is called The Twilight316 Zone and you should absolutely check it out. ;)

Seeya there! :)

STREAMING - The Twilight316 Zone - 1/12/19


12 January 2019 at 18:01:00 MST

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