The grey mare - update and commission slots open by Amethyst Mare

Not too sure how to begin this one. I was shit scared Monday and waited and waited and waited...

They got her all sedated and the sodding equipment malfunctioned so they could not operate. Sometimes I truly do think I'm cursed, although (if I am) I wish it would not affect her. They were only able to clean out the sinuses through the open hole in her head still, although it does not appear to have made her much more comfortable as, of course, the infection is still present, there is no drainage and the pus is still coming up through the hole and running down her face.

Now we're just waiting on the new laser to be delivered so that, hopefully, the operation can continue Sunday, nearly a whole week after dropping her off, which is incredibly frustrating and upsetting, leaving her there for an extra week more than expected. I know they've not charged me for the failed operation but paying extra stabling costs for a week will be a bit of a bite since it wasn't exactly meant to happen like this. There's no one to blame, technically, but I don't honestly think I should have to eat the costs in the interim.

I keep writing more here and then deleting it so I'll just call that quits on my update. I blasted through writing Tuesday, failed Wednesday and hammered out loads today, so I'm happy on that side. If I don't like living my life right now, at least I can write up some other lives to slip into, at least for a time. Not been in my best mind today, unfortunately, as there's been some stress and upset in non-equine areas too but I hope I have handled all with respect and due decorum.

If anyone would like to assist in any way, I'd massively appreciate some signal boost journals, if at all possible please, and I am still, of course, open for commission work. My next open slots are w/c January 21st and I'm still very happy to take on anything and everything with work, keeps me going and keeps my mind busy in a very positive kind of way. I also have the eBooks available for sale, if any take your fancy, and I massively appreciate each and every little buy.



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The grey mare - update and commission slots open

Amethyst Mare

10 January 2019 at 11:30:08 MST

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