I'm probably gonna be a bit quiet for a while by TheNextGenHero

Tales of Vesperia is coming out on the switch tomorrow and OH BABY I love that game. I'm also waiting for my new art supplies to get here so I can hopefully do more art soon.

I want to try to do more stuff including my ocs more often, so feel free to shoot me any fun ideas you might have!

I'm probably gonna be a bit quiet for a while


10 January 2019 at 08:41:55 MST

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    I’ve gotta go out and pick up my copy tomorrow, too—the “My Hero Academia” game in my Switch needs a break! XD

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      Tales of Vesperia marathon :D

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        We'll see how far I get--I am on vacation next week! ;) That said, you'll STILL finish it long before I do! XD

        Oh.............and I figured out the in-battle item menu in "Shining Resonance Refrain"--it took me literally going into a battle of no importance--letting everyone else fight--and stood back to press every single button I could until an item menu popped up. XD

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          Vesperia's a long game, you have chance xD

          what button was it?? xD

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            It was the........get this—the options button. How ironic! The PS4 controller has too many freaking buttons! XD

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              I mean...it makes sense I guess xD

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                I could swear I tried that button before and it didn’t work, but maybe I hit it at the wrong angle??? XD

                I got my copy of “Vesperia”, but probably won’t start it until Sunday, my day off! :) (By then you’ll have finished it! XD)

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                  Everyone has that one button on their controller that won't work unless they press it at a certain angle xD

                  Not at the rate I'm going xD

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                    It's true! XD

                    Oh come on, you'll be finished by Monday morning! XD