Another Life Update Journal by sirkain

Heyas folks. Sorry not posted one in a while. Been busy most of last month and this month to really sit down and have a good spot to update AND have energy to do said update. But going to plow through and get this posted tonight.

TL:DR – Still broke, but focusing on last of rentals/flips to get on market and sold or rented out. OPEN FOR RENT AT MY HOUSE. Moods good. Xmas and NYE were really good. Emotions been flaring up but sorting them out/learning.

- Business and finances: Business has slowed cause of the season which is to be expected. But we only got a few houses left to sell or get rent-able so been focusing on those proactively before add new ones. The final flip got in our possession is on the market, and hope sells soon. Got one new rental up couple weeks ago and was filled within a few days thankfully! As of this email I just got another up that's just about all set to move into once appliances get there. Leaving one other that's been the bane of our existence for months now cause of county issues to (still!) sort out. Sooner get these made rent-able, sooner get more income to live off of and hopefully finally have stable enough income to afford the bare basics – electric, sewer, trash and insurance bills… food and fuel for me and food for the cats. Anything else is a luxury or bonus now.

ALSO! For those around the DC metro area, I DO have 3 rooms in my house in Nokesville VA open for rent between $700-$750 a month. Flat rate, covers all utilities. If curious, send me a note or poke me on telegram, discord or Hangouts! Month-to-month contract no security deposits.

- TO ARTISTS I OWE $ TO OR DOING COMIC/INVOLVED PROJECTS FOR ME: I have not forgotten. But I STILL do not have the funds available to fund any of you yet. Don't forget the tabs I owe that I do owe to still. I have not forgotten. The goal is once get a large sum of $ in to fix stuff with for a while I will pay all artists I owe for pages finished and say put future ones on hold until more $ I can spend comes in towards such things. I want them done, but I got bigger fish to still fry for a while. Said this plenty of journals now but I wont be struggling like this forever and I feel much more solid I am going the right way in my life career wise.

Moods: Overall have been good, stable and doing stuff daily for months now bring productive. No real dips towards depression or apathy have come up except once or twice for a brief bit and left. Alcohol hasn't affected the depression side, BUT I am having it affect my tolerance side. At least for my old favorite strong proof bourbons, scotches, whiskeys and grain alcohols and heavy beers. Gotten sick a couple times even off 2 rounds of something been doing for years and not getting out of line. So either the medications/antidepressants are starting to get tired of them or the body in general is wanting less and lest heavy alcohol and lighter ones like wine I a moving to.

Also, another thing with emotions lately thats been negative, is my desire to sort out some confusion with if I love someone or just care for them deeply with no romantic ties involved have come up again. Some cause of a specific person, but also just in general. Talked to said person recently about it before hanging out with them in person and all was cool. BUT had brought the situation up with a friend same evening finished said conversation with person I have strong(er) feelings for and a blunt sharp comment they made hit a very deep sensitive nerve. PLUS just had a rock glass of rum in me and my temper went full on fired up and really verbally hacked at them for a long time and could NOT calm down over it for a good 5 hours even with sleep aids. The booze caused the length of the temper to go on a long time but I would of lashed out at them even if I was sober. :P SO, I don't know if that friendships blown or not. If it is, so be it, we both screwed up but their call to resolve things or call a 10+ year friendship gone and I redo how I handle some of my characters timelines/directions. Life goes on either way this issues folds out. Ball is in their court.

So added these kinds of emotional issues to my to-do list to figure out how to resolve or warn folks of known triggers. Been working on such stuff for 3-4 years now and its a hard, slow learning road to correct.

Holidays (Xmas and new years): I spent less time in KY than planned (12/9-12/26 compared to actual 12/15-12/26) but had a good time there with mostly dad and stepmoms side of the family. Couldn't get the time to see moms side I still want to do, as most of that side not seen since mom passed, close to 9 years ago. I got a replacement oven AND dishwasher for the ones that died in my upper kitchen end of last year in my Crosstour as well as all the family photos and albums from dad and my brother to scan in. I got a LOT to scan in but will gladly do so to remember/relearn and pass on these memories. Nobody else in the family is doing this and I don't want them to just poof disappear forever.

New Years had a big fun successful meet at my house with nearly 30 attending. Flowed ery well, a lot stepped up to provide cooking of meals for others, bringing snacks and drinks and board games as well as booze for those who drank. And had a record 6 fur-suiters present! Will try to upload photos later and add a link so check back in a few days!

SO yeah. Lots on the mind, lots still on the plate, but optimistic and improving things in my life.. with a couple trips along the way trying to clean up.

Goals for 2019: get problem properties to not be problems, get more properties with better experiences gained from former properties in 2018, Keep improving quirks in moods and emotions to not harm others, get to and enjoy MY OWN HOBBIES AND INTERESTS vs putting them aside every year. Money issues or not.

If read this far, hope didn't make you nearly fall asleep and hope been a worthy update to those curious or concerned. Love you all, and will keep on rocking at my best.


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Another Life Update Journal


10 January 2019 at 00:46:06 MST

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