Picket News 1/09/2019 by SlimeyJenkins

Alright, so recently I was experimenting with a new system with streams and I think I finally came up with one that actually got things done faster than the ones I was doing normally: Basically rather than doing specific things on specific days like I was doing before; I just pull up several random projects I have, then I just work on each of them for an hour each day. I've actually gotten a lot more done this week alone than I would using my previous system, so much so that I actually had them queued on my Patreon to post every two days and I still have two left right now.

I'm hoping that with this system, I'm going to get a lot more done this year, maybe I'll even have an empty commission queue at some point? wishful thinking on my end

Commission Queue:

Ray Kamiya Commission Batch: Coloring Commissions - 6/6 Done, Trust-Me - 0/1 Done, Shaded Comm - 0/1
q123 Sketch Comic Commission (planning done, sketching)
Greatlordg ASoB Flat Color Commission
Mephy Coloring Commissions - 1/2 Done
Anonymous Flat-Color Commission
Vikbys Flat-Color Commission

Nuzlocke Status:

Volt White: Complete
Soul Silver Limit-Locke: Complete
OR/AS Limit-Locke: Complete
X/Y (Redux): Completed X, 8th Badge in Y
SuMo/USUM (Redux): Not Started
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Not Started
FireRed/LeafGreen: Not Started
Vanilla B&W: 6th Badge in White, 6th Badge in Black
B&W 2: Not Started
GSC (Redux): Not Started
RBY: 6th Badge in Red, 6th Badge in Blue, 6th Badge in Yellow

Comic Status:

A Spark of Brilliance: Chapter 2 Page 6 - Sketching, Planning Chapter 2 Pages 7-9
Pushing the Limits: Second Page - Planning
: Planning

Completed Work since Last Update:

Niche Artwork (NSFW Warning):

Electrical Insulation (ABDL, Coloring Commission)
Shantae's Boom Boom Pow (Soiling, Coloring)
Soiled Snow Lillie (Soiling, Coloring)
Not Quite a Trainer (ABDL, Coloring)

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Picket News 1/09/2019


10 January 2019 at 00:31:10 MST

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