Adjustments for Request-ToS... and future commissions =D by Pheanir

Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I made some adjustments in my terms of service considering requests.
The most important change: Requested drawings will be simple sketches in the future and I will no longer color (or shade/render etc.) them.
The new journal can be found here:

One of the reasons for this specific change is that I want to set me up to take commissions. I am currently working on the details and I will probably provide a couple of sample images to make things clearer.

The reason why I want to start taking commissions is that I decided to get more into drawing; so much that I can make it my full-time job.
I could probably fill more than an entire journal with all my thoughts, anxieties and the background history of this, but I will leave it for another time for now.

Thanks for reading this.
I wish you a wonderful day/night/afternoon/whatever! =)

Adjustments for Request-ToS... and future commissions =D


9 January 2019 at 12:33:42 MST

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