▲🌱Getting an Ad on FA by Uluri

I have decided to get an Ad Space on FA that will link to my Weasyl profile. I am really curious as to see what will happen. I also hope that it can help with promoting the site a little as well since I do quite want to see the site grow. I will be re-using this ad here and recording the stats as I go like I have for all my other ads. 

Questions I have for Myself
- Will outlinking to my Weasyl influence people to watch me on Weasyl? (I hope, obviously)
- Will me using the same ad as last time have more effect or less effect than when I first used it?
- Hopefully it doesn't scare the admins or cause a problem for their site. TuT It shouldn't cause problems based on my previous recordings.

Stats for the Ad: Google Docs Link

▲🌱Getting an Ad on FA


9 January 2019 at 08:07:21 MST

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    I want to put effort into this community. I want to offer my watchers entertainment. I want to show that I am not going to merely use this site as a dumping ground on occasion and leave; that they aren't going to waste their time for watching me here.

    I am Here.

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      Thank you

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    That sounds like a good idea. I hope it brings more people to this site.