2019, giveaways and art every day. by Zaezar

Woah boy. I never remember just how busy I get from November into New Year's until it's happening. I got behind on uploads for a while, had slowed down commissions entirely, and had so little energy. This year I had to skip a couple things I normally strive for because I knew I wouldn't be able to! But that's all behind now. We are into 2019 properly. What are your goals for this year? Something you are excited for?

Lets get into the meat of this journal though. 2019 has some cool things coming up for me, namely for you! I have some extra things around that I just don't want here. As well as the capacity to try and grow some more. Two birds with one stone, you guessed it, I will be hosting giveaways sporadically through the year. I have Spiderman for the PS4, a Blue Yeti, and artwork for daaaaays. Both prints and originals! I want to grow this community I have started to foster and I think this will be a cool way to do it. There will be a mix of stuff only on the art sites (Furaffinity, Weasyl, and Deviantart), some stuff only on the socials (Instagram and Twitter), some items only on Twitch, and of course a mix of them all. Keep posted!

On a personal note for 2019 I have an art goal. In the past I tried a 365 hour challenge where I would try to draw for an hour a day at least. I hit it by the end of the year, but it was a fluid goal and I was doing 2+ hour days by the end to make up for lost time! This year I want to form a better habit for art. Lately I've been delegating almost all of my art time to streams and I don't like that. So I will be trying to draw at least a doodle a day. Something small would be enough for me to be satisfied. But hey if I do more then that's cool too! I probably won't be making a full art piece to post every single day, but the little doodles and such will be posted on my Twitter @Zaezardraws if you wanna see how that goes.

That's it for me. How was you Christmas? Have any cool stories to tell?

2019, giveaways and art every day.


1 January 2019 at 16:55:27 MST

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    I hope you're able to stick to your art goal this year and..........adhere properly to it??? Since last year's was fluid for you. :)

    Everybody goes to the movies on Christmas Day now--it used to be me and my sister went, because our family celebrates on the 24th. But it was never "stand in line for 40-45 minutes" crowded in the past. <--Maybe not a cool story, but a weird one. My sister and I didn't decide which movie we wanted to see (I wanted to see "Bumblebee", she wanted to see "Aquaman") and we wound up seeing BOTH and it was freaking crazy-busy all day long! XD I don't think I've ever been in a movie theater for nearly eight hours in a single day................

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      So the 365 hour challenge was actually done about 6 or 7 years ago. I've just not done a challenge like it since haha. It was certainly not last year. I've done way more than 365 hours a year since!

      Curious how more people go to the movies on Christmas these days! Glad you got to experience what you wanted to :D

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        I barely scraped through my silly little sketchbook a week things--I thought I'd have more time, but I began writing more this year.............soooooooooooooo! But.............I've found people who like my writing, too, and I know I have more polished skills with that over art. Though............I did preorder a "how to" book through my comic shop today--one I remember seeing years ago and wanted, but never got and never found again, there's a new edition of it now: "How to Do Comic Book Inking"...........as inking's my thing. :)

        It came as a pretty big surprise to me and my sister. We've definitely never seen crowds like that on Christmas Day before in the past. @_@ The ten minute opening sequence on Cybertron really was the best part of "Bumblebee"--I long for a whole robot movie one day! XD