2019 and changes by SBTW

hi everyone, a happy new years and best for 2019 XD

wow time flies really fast now heh. hmm think i can't remember most of the stuff the other in 2018 -3- oh well

anyways so there will be some changes now, and for my new years resolution.

  1. will not take anymore requests. EVER! well two reasons: 1, now work has caught up with me so i need to stop doing requests and 2, don't want someone to be rude to me again if i make a mistake in one pic and redo the whole thing again and appreciate the pic sighs but that is the past now, live and learn.But I will still make gifts to friends WHEN i have the time, but if you ask me and say "draw me this","make a gift for me" or whatever reason, I will BUT with alittle bit of a TWISTS >3 ehehehehehe. and also will be doing surprise pics as well X3, which will be random, and no i don't have a generator name, but i have my own methods on who i select to draw but need to limit myself on that.

2, work on my own stuff. -3- hmmm well last year i barely drawn any, well most of my own drawings or personal drawings. hmm yeah that part still need to work out most of my species and more poke slimes and plushies so yay!

hmm think that might be my new years resolution, also think i need to clear out all my replie messages and notes, their piling up and sometimes i can't respond or sometimes get distracted in responding. So yeah

hmm welp thinks that it for now and have a Happy New Years in 2019 ^^

also note, I will finish most of the requests -3- , and after that no more requests, art trades and such.
friends gift drawing will depend on me, and if you ask to draw for you I will say yes but mostly no depending on details

2019 and changes


31 December 2018 at 21:32:30 MST

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