Don't be Dunking Me in MilK! by ilbv

I'm not a cookie!

  • I don't know if my protests will deter or encourage the preds from dropping me repeatedly into a cold milk bath.

The cookies are for Santa, so if I cannot provide a viable substitute to my ravenous friends, I might end up being the substitute! Not that hungry guys ever follow the rules when cookies are involved, though I could get lucky if any of them are watching their weight.

After a cold milk soaking, I might find myself in a big warm wet slimy cave and getting sent to my bedroom for the night, only to wake up on Christmas Morning in a deep red and gurgly belly, and I hope I'm on the Nice list, so that I'll be allowed to get belched out and open presents with whoever lets me.

Christmas shopping was hectic this year, I even was shopping today, crazy close! I'm in the middle of wrapping now, kind of wondering if I could wrap myself up as a present, then no preds will find me (ya right) though I'm sure I'd make one heck of a present <3

So on with the many other Journals from all the guys I follow who post, I join them and the billions of others who say Merry Christmas! I hope you all are loved and cherished in your real lives, I wish so much peace and happiness to you. My heart goes out to all those in need and who are in tough times and circumstances. I really hope you'll be blessed and taken care of. You're loved and special, you absolutely are. I'm always open for hugs, even if its with your mouth.

When I sleep tonight I'll be dreaming of visiting the stomachs of Santa and all his Reindeer :P also the Polar Express because the idea of being on a Magical Train going through icy snowy landscapes and drinking Hot Chocolate (We got it Hot! Hot! Hot!) gives me life.

Goodnight you guys! Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Don't be Dunking Me in MilK!


24 December 2018 at 20:52:51 MST

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