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Holiday Message and Art Update by immortaltom

I am working on something special in lew of the comic page that was supposed to be up yesterday on my Patreon page. Thanks to power loss, return, loss, return and loss again yesterday I didn’t get it finished. I am hoping to get it done today but the weather is still going windy and weird here. None the less….I am fiddling about with the art today again.

Next week I am taking off, I figure to be away from my computer and studio for the better part of the remaining year to visit with family in two different towns on the opposite ends of the state. Lots of driving in shit conditions and dealing with family needs. Should be a blast. Heh.

All said though, I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday period, no matter your celebratory needs. I hope your new year celebrations are safe, fun and filled with hope and renewal for the coming 2019. Remember, if you have a little too much to drink and you are not home, get a cab, find a sober friend, sleep over… Do whatever you can to keep from being behind the wheel of a vehicle. Offer the same chances for friends who may be visiting you too. Let them stay on your couch, floor, bed, or bathtub. Don’t let them drive after a bit too much.

All that foo-fa-rah said, thank you all so much for the years support. You are all amazing fans and friends. I look forward to another year filled with fun arts. Thank you to those who have sent me things off my wishlist for christmas, I am still working on a couple bits of thank you art for them. And thank you all so much for the kind words left in comments and notes. They fill me with enthusiasm to continue to experiment and draw more fun things for everyone to enjoy.

Holiday Message and Art Update


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