State of the artelier, EOY 2019. by peri

Commissions are open still! I have a few things sent out for review by alpha/beta critics/editors at the moment.

I will not have time for trades unless they do not need to be delivered (electronically or otherwise) until mid-2019. If I’ve worked with you before or spent money on your kickstarters/Patreon’s and you have need of some illustrations, this is a great time to bug me (hi makyo makyo/Jackabe/whoever is staffing [a][s] or similar wierd furry blogs now/wearing the Christmas hat for FWG/anthologies needing poems and prints last minute) because I actually will have a few afternoons free to deal with comix and poems instead of medical/Covered California and the horrid American “health care” system.

If you’re interested in seeing what I have in progress, you can head over for he commissions page here and get a sense of what’s coming up next. I will be dans la Nouvelle Angleterre du Nord until after the New Year, though I am unlikely to be in NYC proper until les fetes du nouvelle année.

I do still really need cash money dollars to pay for my hormones in the new year and defeat the costs of having to abandon my current residence due to actual death threats and SWATings from my most kind and gracious remaining biological parent. If you have money please send a few bucks my way (info on the commissions sheet) or consider signing up to my newly reactivated patreon. All proceeds in excess of my weekly out of pocket costs for being queer and partially disabled go directly towards me making more comics, poetry, and art, modulo contributions to my little brother (biologique) and supporting his health care and moving costs not covered by his insurance or union.

For those of you already on your winter holiday, bonne soirée et nouvelle année et pour toujours, soir tout, pace et amix dans la année.

State of the artelier, EOY 2019.


20 December 2018 at 05:10:07 MST

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