Happy Holidays / Commission Update by lunarrush

Hello everyone,

We’re on the cusp of a new year, so I figured I’d start this post out by wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holiday. I know firsthand this time of year can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster, and I hope for all of you that it has more ups than downs.

Now, on to the topic at hand. I’m planning on changing my commission structure around a bit. The goal of this is twofold:

1. I hope to be able to support more types of commissions. As it stands right now, the vast majority of my commissions end up being long story commissions, and that means that when a shorter commission ends up buried within my queue, it ends up waiting a significant amount of time. Also, I would like to be able to offer themed commissions, such as timed holiday commissions.
2. I hope to overcome a bout of artist’s block I’ve been struggling with for quite some time.

With those two goals in mind, here are the changes I’m going to be making to my queues.

I’m splitting my current queue into three:
* The first will be designed for short stories (2500 words or less) and will have 3 slots opened a month.
* The second will be intended for holiday / seasonal / whim themes (short, limited, or unlimited word count) and will have slots opened when I elect to open a slot.
* The third will be for longer-form stories and ongoing series. This queue will have unlimited spaces, but with the expectation that wait times may be longer and that you may only have one slot in it at a time.

I’m changing my pricing structure:
* First queue stories will have a set price of $25.00 (Minus Modifiers: see modifiers)
* Second queue stories will have a fixed rate of $8.00/1000 words (No modifiers, they are already discounted based on being something I’m actively wanting to write)
* Third queue stories will have a set price of $10.00/1000 words (Minus Modifiers: see modifiers.)

I’m changing the way commission info is received:
To ensure I get all the details I need to complete your stories, I will be creating a commission input form that you will be sent when you commission me. This way, I can keep tabs on relevant information about the story and can ask follow-up questions if something needs clarification. This should help make the stories better overall.

Modifiers, highest two apply:
* Story mainly focuses on diapers primarily in a sexual context: 10% discount
* Story has major themes involving one of the following: 10% discount (only applied once per story/part)
    * Knotted cocks
    * Small dom / big sub
    * Parental controls / PC control
    * Hidden public diaper humiliation
    * Cartoon briefs
    * Babyish Bondage / Babyish Clothing Control
* Story is of another theme which I enjoy but which I don’t have listed for personal reasons: 5-20% discretional discount that will be told to you at the time you submit the commission for the work.

Things I am limiting writing:
As I’ve worked this past year, I’ve written quite a few themes. Some of them are easier than others to write, hence the new pricing structure supporting several of those things which are more comfortable for me to write. There are some things that I’ve found I have a harder time writing, so I’m going to list them here. When I say limited, I am not saying I will not write these things, I am saying that I reserve the right to charge additional for these things, to discuss these things further with the commissioner, or to potentially deny a commission that heavily features these themes.
* Female sexual situations: I am a gay male and have a hard time writing female parts in sexual situations. If I accept a commission of this type, please understand that if its a significant theme I may have issues completing the work / may elect not to do the commission.
* Heavy focus on scat: While I have an easy enough time writing about messy diapers when scat becomes too heavy in the theme I start having a much harder time writing. If you want this as part of your commission, we will have to talk personally about it, and I reserve the right to deny the commission or request that it not be posted with credit to me.
* Blood/Gore/Major harm: This is the only category on this list that I am currently giving a hard no to. I’m uncomfortable writing about this. I can deal with cartoon violence. So, in the event you commission something where someone is harmed in a cartoonish and non-permanent way, I am willing to work with you.

Q1: I am a current commissioner with a spot in your queue. Will this new pricing structure affect my commission?
A1: I am going to be separating current commissions from this new way of working things. If you are already in my queue, you have nothing to worry about. If you have an ongoing series that uses one of my limited writing topics then you have nothing to worry about as we’ve already discussed it, I will continue working on that series. If for some reason your ongoing story commission doesn’t end up the same price or less than it would have been before the price change, please contact me, and we can discuss it on a case by case basis.
Q2: How will queue processing work?
A2: Queue processing will be done at my discretion. The reason the short story commission queue is limited to 3 slots a month and the seasonal/theme queue is limited to a number of opened slots is to ensure that larger story commissions, the mainstay of my account, remain the focus but that these shorter and potentially writer’s block breaking stories (the first two queues) are able to get through in a reasonable time.
Q3: When will my commission be completed?
A3: Depending on the queue and the number of people ahead of you that answer will change. There have been times I’ve been able to write upward of 10k words in a night, which means that if I’m really on my game, I could potentially knock out the monthly slots queue in a single night. I reserve the right to have writer’s block, but because my policy is not to take payment until work has been completed, you won’t be out any money if I do end up having issues writing. I do not plan on opening new monthly slots if the current ones are filled so this queue will not get to the point I get buried in small commissions.
Q4: I’m currently an anonymous commissioner. Do the same rules apply to me?
A4: Yes. I currently offer anonymous commissions. There are times I elect not to post work I do for an unnamed commissioner and other times I choose to post it. Keep in mind: if you don’t want your character names posted and I elect to publish the story, you can request me to do a find/replace of your character’s name but will have to provide the replacement name.
Q5: What are the other themes you like enough to give a discount? What can I typically expect if I commission one of them?
A5: They are things I’m not comfortable posting publically, but if you request one I will offer you a discount based on how much I want to write that thing at the moment. The percentage is on a case by case basis you can typically expect this to be a 10% discount, but if its something I’m really itching to write I may raise it as high as 20%, if its something I’m not in the mood for at the moment I may reduce it as low at 5%. Some of these things may require special consideration for your story, so keep in mind these topics will almost always result in a conversation.
Q6: What sort of things will be in the seasonal / theme queue? Where will these slots be opened?
A6: This might be anything from a Halloween themed story to a theme I expressly want to write. So, for example, if I really want to write brat taming, I may post an open-ended slot for that or even a limited word slot. I will announce them one day before they open in my journals, then publish a follow-up journal the next day announcing they’re open on a first come / first serve basis.

One final announcement:
I’m considering opening a whole new type of commission. CYOA stories, done in twine. I’m going to be working on a personal one, and when work completes I will decide if I’m opening for them / how many slots there will be / what the cost will be. I’d like feedback if people would like this type of story, so feel free to post a comment if you would enjoy reading / commissioning this type of story.

Prices are changing, but new discounts allow them to be as low as they were before (or potentially lower if what I’m writing for you scratches an itch I have). If you have a commission in my queue, it is at the old rates. Keep your eyes open for new slots, and read the rest if you want to know more.

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Happy Holidays / Commission Update


18 December 2018 at 11:34:18 MST

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