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AnxotheDragon ToS (Updated 10/20/19) by AnxotheDragon

AnxotheDragon currently accepts payments via PayPal only. AnxotheDragon requires that a valid email be presented at the time of purchase, to which an invoice will be sent via PayPal. AnxotheDragon does not, under any circumstances, accept payment via PayPal’s “Friends and Family” service, nor does she accept payment through direct PayPal payment.

​Commission Process
After a commission has been approved, I will contact the client at the provided email address with a PayPal invoice. Orders over the total value of $100 require both a 50% down payment and a valid ID showing age of 18 or older, and orders with a lesser value must be paid in full before work can begin on the project. Once the project has started, the client can request an update of the work-in-progress at any time. I will prompt the client to confirm the accuracy of the work at four stages during the commission; Sketch, lineart only, coloring only and completed project. Once the client has confirmed the work as complete, it cannot undergo additional large changes.

Refund Policy
Commissioned works can be canceled any time before work on the project begins for a full refund. Below is a description of the completion of a piece relative to the refund issued. If multiple works were commissioned together, the below penalties will only apply to work which has been done, and items in queue will be eligible for a full refund.

Work on sketch, up to sketch completion: 50% refund, AnxotheDragon retains the right to modify the artwork in a way which does not infringe upon the client's copyright.

Work on lineart, up to lineart completion: 25% refund, the client is granted a license to use and distribute the art as normal.

Work on color, up to finished product.: No refund can be issued. However, the client is granted a license to use and distribute the art as normal..

Down-Payment And ID Policy
All commission orders under the complete value of $100 must be paid in full prior to work on the project beginning. Until the commission invoice is paid in full, the project will remain at the back of AnxotheDragon's queue. All orders over the complete value of $100 require both a valid ID, showing the the client is 18 years of age or older, and a non-refundable down-payment. The down-payment will be equal to 50% of the commission price, rounded up to the nearest U.S Dollar. Until full payment is received, all projects over the complete value of $50 will not be completed beyond a sketch. No work-in-progress images can be sent until the invoice is paid in full.

Payment Plans and Deadlines
At this time, AnxotheDragon does not accept payment plans. This is, however, subject to change at a later date. AnxotheDragon does not work on deadlines for any reason. However, on request, a rough estimate of time needed to complete a project can be given.

​Termination of Services
AnxotheDragon reserves the right to terminate her obligations at any time for a full refund to the client. Upon termination of services, the client will be notified and the price paid will be refunded in full, including down payments that would normally be considered non-refundable. If the artwork has been completed beyond a sketch, the client is granted a license to use and distribute the work as normal. Otherwise, AnxotheDragon retains the right to right to modify the artwork in a way which does not infringe upon the client's copyright.

Ownership and Distribution of Final Works
All works commissioned after 10/02/2020 belong to AnxotheDragon, who retains the right to distribute the artwork for the purpose of self-promotion only. The client who commissioned the artwork is granted a single irrevocable, non-transferable license to distribute the artwork so long as credit for the piece is given to AnxotheDragon. This license also allows for the client to modify the piece for personal use, so long as the artist's signature is clearly visible, and the client does not make profit from the commissioned artwork in any way.

On-Demand Printing
AnxotheDragon offers clients who have commissioned artwork from her the option to get goods custom-printed and shipped to the client. Not all artwork can be printed onto all items due to restrictions on file size. The commissioned item is owned by the client. On-demand printing items include a 10%commission fee, which supports AnxotheDragon directly.

Mature Content
AnxotheDragon's artwork will include themes such as gore, violence, minor suggestive themes, artistic or non-explicit nudity and non-explicit romance in her general artwork. Explicit nudity, sexual themes, fetish content (including 'safe-for-work' fetishes) and graphic sexual content may still be included in artwork, however, the artwork will be finished with a unique signature. A valid ID showing the client is at least 18 years old is required for this type of content.

Edits Policy
As a general rule, edits to the pose and design of a work must be made during the sketching phase. After the client has approved a sketch, the drawing cannot undergo major changes, so it is vital that the client ensure they are happy with the piece before approving it. Furthermore, lineart and coloring edits must be minor, and must be made before shading begins. There are no exceptions to this rule, as the client is expected to scan for mistakes at every stage of the artwork.

Chargeback Policy
In general, I ask that clients openly discuss their intent to charge back their commission fees before issuing a charge back. If a charge back is issued without any kind of communication after work on a project has begun, all obligations of AnxotheDragon will be terminated, and all works involved will remain property of AnxotheDragon. If the project is more than 50% complete, all works involved will remain property of AnxotheDragon and a dispute will be filed in an attempt to roll back the chargeback. Any artwork in a chargeback situation obtained by the client is stolen, unless all arrangements have been discussed with AnxotheDragon prior to the chargeback.

AnxotheDragon ToS (Updated 10/20/19)


17 December 2018 at 13:22:17 MST

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