Coming up in 2019: New books, Kickstarter by bakertoons

Hello, folks! Only a few weeks away before it's 2019, so I wanted to give you an update on what to expect!

The Fuzzy Princess Kickstarter
As I wrote previously, I will open a Kickstarter campaign for the book on January 15. This will be a color reprinting of the first "Fuzzy Princess" book with improvements made: in addition to the introduction by Bill Holbrook (who created an illustration to go with it), it will contain behind-the-scenes info and sketches, all new chapter titles, and more! Cole Rothacker, my editor, has been a great help making this book even better than ever!

There will be plenty of rewards offered, including stickers, prints, and an original "Ask a Cat" strip of your choice! There are limited numbers of original art, so if you want in on that, be sure to make a campaign pledge as soon as it goes live! I will send out an announcement email when it does, but you can also follow me on Twitter at both @bakertoons and @thefuzzykatrina to stay informed.

New Ask a Cat book
In addition to the new "Fuzzy" book, I will also be releasing a second "Ask a Cat" book, entitled Laptops Are So Warm, which continues from where the first book left off. In addition to 1.5 years worth of "Cat" comics, it will also contain a bonus story "The Ghost Cat"!

This one will go straight to Amazon on March. I will send out an announcement when it's available!

Store Update
I still have items for sale at the Smallbug Store. If you're looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, this is a good place to check, with original art, stickers, and books available!

With the new plans for the Fuzzy Princess books, I'm selling the black and white editions of both Vol 1 and Vol 2 at 50% discount. I only have a limited number of copies, so hurry!

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Coming up in 2019: New books, Kickstarter


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