Binding of Isaac & Daria - parody commissions • 10 slots! by Lewmzi

Hello there people!

I don't normally do commissions as I don't feel confident enough for them, but I thought I could ease into bit of that kinda work by opening up slots for the parody pieces I've made a good while ago!

I've gotten quite a bunch of questions if I'd be willing to draw more of the Binding of Isaac or Daria style commissions for other people, and well - I got myself quite scary looking electricity bill, so hey! Why not give it a shot!

Here's the deal. Here's the samples of the commissions that are available:

Binding of Isaac - parody

Daria - parody

You can pick either one of the styles you like, for 10 dollars a piece. For Binding of Isaac - parody, I need a character reference picture and what little gadget/item/mascot sorta dealio you want along with your character (keep it simple though, I can't draw sports cars or super complicated scifi weapons!), and for Daria - parody, I need character reference picture and preferably a short (nick)name to fit in the title - "Shadow Dark" is still okay, but "Her eternal everlasting thoughts about the forgotten valleys of the deep dark scary place" is not!

These are also not first come, first serve, so no rush! If you want commission like that, comment below that which one you want, link to a character picture and the little prop / nickname to go for with the piece. I'll PM to the selected people in following days then and we can sort the dealio out.

Also, if you feel generous and want to help me out otherwise, few dollars wouldn't hurt! My paypal is and I'd really appreciate bit of help with my bill! No pressure though, these commissions will cover the much I need!

I'll make a new journal once I have the slots reserved. Have a good day! :)


10$ per picture

Binding of Isaac/Daria - style, examples in journal post

Post character picture, prop for BoI/nickname for Daria

I'll pick the people later and message them to talk more about the commission and payment. I use paypal only.

Also you can donate for my electricity bill cause at which is not required but much appreciated :)

Binding of Isaac & Daria - parody commissions • 10 slots!


7 May 2013 at 21:43:07 MDT

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    Been waiting to see if I could get one of those Daria icons off of you. I love that show

    This is my reference sheet:

    and in the nickname thing, please have "Kyle"

    Thanks ^_^

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      Sure thing bud! I'll hit you up with PM later on today or tomorrow and we can discuss about the payment and stuff. Thanks =)