End of Year Slowdown and Silent Sites by keirajo

This is the time of year when people get crazy, busy or a mix of both. Both in the personal, real world............and in the online world. I've been trying to get so many things done in my personal life, but I thought once I reached December it would be done and I was musing doing gift art (mentioned on my Toyhou.se account)--yeah, that may not happen before Christmas, more likely after Christmas to the new year. wry laugh

I hope that everyone else's lives have been less hectic. :)

I've kind of gathered you all together for a "food for thought" topic--remember when I used to do those? XD Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic.............

Today's topic "threats of withholding [art] because of lack of comments/favorites/etc."!

In today's online world, filled with a sense of urgency and immediacy...............people who once were happy to share their art, whether drawing or writing or other such creative products, now hold hostage uploading of their stuff unless they get a certain member of comments or favorites or what have you. There are, within some people who post on many sites--they will often abandon the site where they get the "least amount" of such adulation.

It's a free world, you can do what you want. But..................what about those who have cared about what you post and stuff? They're told to follow to some other odd site or another--so, in the end, it becomes a string of choices on ends of "creator" and "viewer". In the end, you have to do what's best for you--if you abandon following an artist because of this, then do so. If you are an artist who must leave, then do what's best for you.

But I think the worst thing you can do as a creator actually staying on a particular site is threaten your viewers that you won't post anything unless they get enough favorites or comments or such. It comes off to me as plain rude............either you like your stuff and want to share it, or you don't. It's rude to threaten the followers if they don't comply.

I've been on art sites since 2012, when I was at Fur Affinity. I came to Weasyl in 2014 and left FA in 2015 because I was tired of being bullied and nothing was being done about it. So, that's six years of my observations on an art site. But now that I'm coming to the end of the year and have been on a writing site as an active participant (reading and writing) for about seven or so months.................I've been seeing these same mentalities there, too.

I've seen begging for comments/feedback in the notes section of works...............and seen them threaten holding back new works or new chapters of works unless they received certain amounts of kudos and/or comments.

It rather makes me sad to see this. And then to change over to moderating comments in the middle of an ongoing chapter work that had open comments just so they can make sure only the "best comments" get posted for public view feels like they're going too far. :/

With Tumblr soon to institute their new ban on adult material--those who were around that site will find themselves looking for new sites. Perhaps we'll see new people here at Weasyl, too. I just hope an online community can stop rudeness towards one another one day..............I think we'll all be happier if we appreciate what we have and the relationships and friendships we make on these sites, you know? :)

End of Year Slowdown and Silent Sites


13 December 2018 at 10:57:49 MST

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    It is a bit of a hassle to upload stuff, especially if you put some effort into the description and tags. So I understand why people would want to leave a site if they feel like they're putting in a lot of effort without getting much in return. Though it's still a bit of a downer to see a good artist leave when you're following them.

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      It's true. I think the ones I dislike the most are the ones who tantrum. It's more about the "threats of not sharing" art as opposed to the leaving one way or another that I worry about. If you have to throw a journal tantrum (or even one on an art/writing upload) about not receiving favorites or comments--it may be best to look elsewhere.

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    I really only leave a site if its not worth my energy in the day to post there. I always feel bad about leaving possible viewers behind, but if I get a fraction of the traction somewhere and it's upload process is more cumbersome than others (or I can't mesh it in with my usual upload process easily)... Well it will be a bother to want to use the site and I won't look forwards to sharing my content there. I have left Furry Network because I saw that hardly no one was using it. Or if they were, then their system for seeing your impact was a bit borked. And it's tagging system wouldn't let me copy-paste when uploading my art on other sites. So it forced me to retype them every time. In the end, it just wasn't worth the trouble and I've stopped posting on that site.

    As for REQUIRING comments or responses to post more content, yeah that is a bad move across the board. Sure you force a response from people, but it becomes harder to tell what is a genuine comment or what is a cookie-cutter bullshit comment made to get you to post another page or so. And what if you don't get enough? What if you ask for too much, or it's an off week for the site? What do you do then? Abandon weeks, maybe months of story? You clearly don't care enough about the content you make if you absolutely need to be told you are doing a good job. The comments are an icing on the cake of getting to create. Not the currency we deal in.

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      I do too. There are people I miss from FA who just stay only on that site..............but I had to leave. My reason was different than "not getting enough attention", but..............in the end, if you stand on your principles for leaving. Then it's the best choice for you to make. As for Furry Network--I don't bother checking in over there anymore, since the only person I followed that is still uploading is Temrin..............and Temrin still posts here. So...........yeah. I almost feel like with all the benefits they tried to add on that site just made it clunky to use in the end.

      I've seen it more often recently on writers that I've been following and...........it made me remember I saw a LOT of people like that over on FA back when I was there, too--so I know it's not just a "writer" or an "artist" thing. I was disappointed when a writer I really liked and felt like I "clicked" with in commenting strings and all just recently chose to moderate comments on all new works/new chapters--and even after I commented a couple times, there were no responses anymore. So, I feel like this person also made that choice to move to "moderation" so they could comment on only what they wanted and have those comments that praised their glory to all be publically posted--even though they often begged for comments in their story notes. It's kind of funny, because I'd read a new chapter and see comment numbers around 50--now I don't think I see much more than 10--and they never really got anything bad that I know of in the way of comments. I think that if you're on a public site like this..............you're here to share what you've created--not beg for adulation and glory.

      I don't get much attention on my stuff anymore................but I'm still not going to storm away from this site (or any other site I've devoted time to), I'll upload when I feel I have stuff to post and accept what attention I get. I'm here to have fun, not be whiny all the time! :)

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    While it disappoints me to see people leave small art sites, I understand why. Like here for example: it won't become more active unless the community collectively tries to make it so but as Volt pointed out, some people feel better off leaving if their effort yields poor returns. Now, threatening followers to interact or you'll stop uploading is just plain harassment. On one hand, it's harassment and they should be reported for it. On the other hand, if you let people do it then the horrible people will expose themselves and you can choose not to support them. Either way, people who make threats like that have issues be it an inflated ego or so insecure they feel they need some sort of support even if it's forced.

    I've been on art sites since 2011 and I don't remember ever seeing someone threaten their followers to comment/fav their work. I've probably gotten lucky these past seven years. I started out on DeviantART, then left between 2014 or 2015. I was active on FA but it was short-lived; I actually regret opening an account there. I am so openly against FA and I advocate for everyone to leave that cesspool, yet I made an account due to peer pressure.

    I hope the online community will be kinder to one another as well, but unfortunately anonymity can bring out both the best and the worst in people. Despite that fact, anonymity is a necessary evil: it is necessary to protect good folks from those with malicious intent.

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      It's one of those things that I see pop up every once in awhile and it bothers me. I've had discussions with this with some of my personal friends (one a writer and one an artist) and it's................it's just really very silly. Do they actually stop writing or drawing when they feel they're not getting the attention they want............or do they merely just stop posting it? If it's the former, I feel bad for them--if they're not doing this stuff because they love it (whether they post it or not) and will do it if they get attention, it's disheartening. But for those who get tired of seeing such nonsense--there's also the "unfollow" option............it just seems silly to say "I'm not getting enough favs/comments, so I'm not gonna post anything until I do." @_@

      It's rare, but it actually happens--I've seen it more often on Fur Affinity, art-wise...........then on both AO3 and fanfiction.net, writing-wise. I'm glad it doesn't happen more often................it might be uncomfortable to be on sites if most people acted that way!

      Fur Affinity was suggested to me by a professional artist and some people when I went to FurCon in 2012--so I joined it shortly after I got home from that convention. I had a good time, for the most part............until I got targeted by people who wanted to bully me and harass me--I did the recommended blocking (didn't stop them from creating new accounts--you could literally create as many accounts as you wanted to on that site!) and reported them, but...............staff rarely took action and your trouble tickets got put in a queue and often got lost........! Like I said to Zae--there are people I miss, but I don't miss being on the site itself. And for the people from there who come here and say "it's too quiet" and leave--well, they're really not helping make the site any less quiet. As long as everyone keeps doing that............a site like this will never be "busy"! I think people become entrenched in their popularity somewhere else and forget that at one point...........they had to start from scratch the first time they were at DA or FA, too! You never get anywhere without the effort you put into it! :)

      It's true................anonymity brings out the monsters in everyone. I hope for better, let's just hope it will not get worse. :)

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    I can understand the frustration of not getting a lot of attention even when you put effort into your stuff, but it's still silly to withhold art/writings since no one's obligate to comment/fav stuff. I remember seeing a lot "comment before you fav!" nonsense on DA.

    Whoo boy, the Tumblr staff really beefed it. Instead of taking care of the porn/spam art, they ban NSFW stuff and screw many people who made money on there. Even SFW stuff is being reported because whatever algorithm bot thing they're using sucks(they are still porn bots). The worst part is that you don't get any notification if your posts is reported, so you have to look through everything yourself. I need to make sure my artwork isn't flagged later.

    But I'm still gonna stay on there to see how things work out after the 17th. I've noticed my stuff is getting viewed/liked there since the NSFW ban--I feel like an asshole because part of me feels like capitalizing on this :/

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      It just shocks me that people hold hostage their works for comments and attention........you either share or don’t, you know? @_@

      Yeah, my friend has been keeping me informed of the Tumblr situation. I know a number of writers I read at AO3 say “see first on my Tumblr”, but once this becomes adult-content-free........it will be interesting to see what all they do.

      It becomes like any site too big for its britches (FA anyone?), the admins do the least amount of work to keep making money. Like I told my friend........I honestly don’t think the “millions” they’ve claimed will leave the site will actually leave, either—and as long as they keep making money and have a userbase, nothing will really change......no matter how many people are pissed off! :/

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        Yeah, it's odd.

        Maybe they'll just stick with AO3?

        People seem WAY more serious about leaving tumblr than FA...then again, tons of people have been unfairly banned already, so it's not like they have a choice :/

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          Big companies usually can’t see the little people—so even the forced exodus from bans and whomever leaves of their own will probably won’t change the admins’ minds!

          I was going through a box of things looking for something specific........and found old art that makes me want to redraw them—though this one of Wabi is like so perfect as is, I doubt I could do better! XD

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            The tumblr staff was too lay to fix the real problems, so I'm pretty they don't care at this point :/

            Don't add to your already big to-draw/color list! xD

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              I know! I still need to catch up scanning my sketchbook weeks! XD I got lazy and simple with some of them......... wry laugh

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    It is smaller then DA here, the place doesn't feel as competitive with comments or favs. Bigger sites higher odds, or too many artists in one place.

    I've done that years ago, but I don't want numbers to become everything, since all submissions boomerang back to you when the gathering has cleared out.

    When dialup faded away the internet seemed to change too (used till late 2012).

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      I hope that the internet will find a better balance for everyone over time and people realize there’s more to the numbers in attention. I’d rather have at least 1 active friendly person following me than a number of 50 who never look at anything I’d post. :)

      I’ve akways felt that to get the attention, too.......you need to give the attention to others. Those who beg for attention and yet don’t look at other art or artists makes me feel a bit sad for them........

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    I haven't seen people withhold art until they get a certain amount of likes or anything like that, but I have seen people (usually young, not-so-popular people) say they don't want to draw anymore because "no one likes their art". Which, to me, is manipulation. But I do feel bad for those people because they don't know they're being manipulative, they're just struggling with self esteem and being seen in a world where the spotlight is on popular artists.

    People can do what they want with their art within reason... but if they want more likes or followers before they post anything else, that's kind of.... I don't know, I don't like the thought of people doing that.

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      It’s kind of the same idea—threatening your followers or using emotional manipulation. My art doesn’t get much of any views anymore and I started posting sporadically due to a weird year. But I go through and try to evaluate what I want to do or do better—I’m not going to throw a tantrum one way or another. :)

      It’s just a difficult concept—to people like you and I......we find it appalling and kind of uncomfortable, but I know some people don’t care either. They’re willing to be mean and rude to get what they want.

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        Yeah, you said it better than I could!

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          It's such a sad-but-true statement of the way the world is today.......................

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    I’m back again :)