Tublr and Patreon by TristanAlexander

Well, looks like Tumblr is trying to kill itself with saddened draconian rules and so I am looking at other sites. Patreon is one I am trying but it is not easy to use and I doubt much will come of it. I would give you my url but I can't seem to do that!

Tublr and Patreon


11 December 2018 at 23:22:19 MST

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    Well, Patreon's not particularly an art site, but a Support site similar to Ko-fi. It'd be good to have a Patreon for the stray Supporter, though, so it wouldn't be bad to simply have it. Art sites that allow NSFW artwork include here, Newgrounds,FurAffinity (Human art allowed), Pixiv (but japanese censorship line), Inkbunny (Furry nsfw only. Human sfw is allowed), and Hentaifoundry. Those are the ones I know off the top of my head. AH, there's e621 for NSFW furry to humanoid art. (So, artwork of an elf alone is okay, but not a human. As long as there's is a non-human, it is okay to post on e621). But e621 is more of a site you'd post and link back to your main place you posted it.

    With tumblr being gone, it makes it difficult to post all art in one place I noticed. There's too many artsites that are specialized, and I can't recommend just one art site to people who are coming from tumblr.