Freebie Stream on Friday! by Zaezar

Patreon powered freebie streams are back. For how long? We will see! But if you want to be sure they continue (or get better rewards for yourself!) then you can support me on

We are over the threshold for the Freebie Stream to start up again! On Friday (12/14/18) the stream will instead be a holiday themed sketchies stream. Just in time to try and get a headshot for a friend, eh? This is all because of the lovely Patrons of mine making it happen! So be sure to thank them if you end up getting a piece.

Rules: Lets lay the groundwork now before we get started in the stream itself.

  • Because the Patreon supporters are so kind I have a monthly freebie stream where everyone can enter.
  • I pull a raffle after every image to see who gets drawn. We alternate between Patreon-only raffles and everyone raffles.
  • Everyone winners will get a linework headshot.
  • Patrons get their headshots colored as an added bonus!
  • If you plan on joining the stream PLEASE HAVE YOUR REF READY IN CASE YOU WIN.

And of course, the drawings will be holiday themed if I can somehow swing it. Should be fun!

Freebie Stream on Friday!


11 December 2018 at 18:15:21 MST

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