🌱News: Medical, Artwork, and that fun stuff by Uluri

Medical 1: Arm Update

Thought it was time for the next arm related update since my official Hiatus post. I'll be using This Pain Chart (0-10) to describe how it's been going. I started my Hiatus because my daily Idle was at a constant 8. It was like that for a while and I couldn't get it to calm down at all. The first week I was able to drop myself down to level 6, The second week into the third it stayed at 4. Today I was able to keep it at max a 2 for level of pain where my idle would be around 1.

That might seem like it's going well, but I have to be careful right now, actually. If I forget that my arm is not doing well and treat it roughly even in the slightest, I'll be back at lv 6 in no time flat. I still have a pretty long ways to go before I'm in any clear zone to be able to start working on more intense projects. I'm not even able to do much beyond play a game of sudoku once a day without it causing me trouble still.

Medical 2: A different problem Emerges!
Luck, I don't have it. I've been at the doctors all week for a different problem. Haven't mentioned anything yet because I don't know what the problem is. Nor does my family doctor... which is honestly a terrifying thought. I don't like not knowing what the problem is because that means I can't fix it at all right now. I frikkeeen huuurt. But i don't want to take pain meds right now in case that might make said unknown problem worse... (Gosh, I am always scared to go to doctors more for being afraid of bills than anything, though. but it should be fine)

Artwork Update

Come a little later in the week I may do some Left Hand Series Art. I have been holding onto some art ideas this entire time for the dayI will be able to draw. Huuuurg!!! Holding back as much as possible!

You'll probably see some rather short streams in the coming weeks. Left hand series works.

🌱News: Medical, Artwork, and that fun stuff


10 December 2018 at 19:38:29 MST

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