Tumblr exodus by sugaryviolet

By now most of you will probably have heard of tumblr's decision to ban NSFW content. Tumblr's been my main platform, alongside Furaffinity, and to say I'm angry about their decision would be an understatement. I am however trying to see the silver lining...

I had postybirb suggested to me I've decided to revive all of my galleries at Deviantart, Weasyl and furrynetwork, and start posting my new art onto these sites using the postybirb app. In fact, this journal entry is posted using postybirb. So, while Weasyl, Furrynetwork and deviantart have been dead for a long time and is mostly filled with old art, you can expect new stuff from here on out. I will try to use the great Tumblr exodus of 2018 as an opportunity to grow, instead of curling up into a ball feeling sorry for myself. 

Eventually I will post some of my favorite older pieces of art onto my revived galleries, but it'll need to wait until after I've flow over to see my husband for the holidays. I probably won't upload all of it (cause that's a few hundred pictures... outch), but some of my favorites would be grand! A more complete collection of (nearly) everything I've drawn can be found in my Furaffinity gallery.

A lot of tumblr refugees have moved onto Twitter, and while I don't really think of it was too practical in terms of having a gallery over there, I have a twitter for interacting with people and occasionally blurbing my thoughts out. You can find that here: https://twitter.com/SugaryViolet
There's also a lewd twitter, but it's pretty dead at the moment: https://twitter.com/Sugary_Scarlet

Thanks a ton for reading! It's been an emotional few days.. jeez.

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Tumblr exodus


6 December 2018 at 14:46:16 MST

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    I do hope although you are able to bring life via postybirb, you can keep it living further by checking in on your other sites on occassion as well. ^_^

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      Of course! Postybirb will help making posting art way less of a hassle though.