They are blowing up the bunny again. by squeakybunny

I'm still settling in here in IN. So much that has to be done besides getting things organized and such. One such thing is getting doctors in my new home town and dealing with the dozens of calls for health plans that I have zero interest in. It is going surprisingly well though. I like the new Primary Care Physician and the podiatrist, I will meet the GI doctor next week though maybe not face to face at first. That's right! Colonoscopy time again. This bunny will be hosed and inflated to see if everything is still ok. I'm picturing what funny things could happen to a bunny having that done. From using helium instead of CO² and floating to the ceiling, to over inflating to Macy's balloon size. Silly? yes, but it helps me get through such things.

They are blowing up the bunny again.


6 December 2018 at 08:36:04 MST

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