Another round of Piñatas! by Zaezar

I can't get enough of these paper mache characters. At MFF I ended up having plenty of conversations about pinatas just because they got people's attention. And you know what? I don't want to slow down with them yet. Same as last time they will all be flats and you have the choice between a fullbody, halfbody, or a headshot. Lemme know what you are filled with when you claim a spot! Lemme turn your characters into piñatas!

Couple of things I should note right away:
-Comment below to claim a spot!
-I am opening these up across the art sites I frequent, so Weasyl, Deviantart, and Furaffinity.
-My Terms of Service. Please read before picking up a slot!
-Once you claim a spot, You have 1 hour after I respond to send payment. If the time lapses and you seem to not be interested I am giving your spot to the next in the line!
-My current commission queue

Headshot $17

Halfbody $22

Fullbody $27

5 spots for your mache pleasure.

Slot 1 - HolyDevil on Furaffinity - Fullbody ~paid~

Slot 2 - Nameneko134 on Furaffinity - Fullbody ~paid~

Slot 3 -

Slot 4 -

Slot 5 -

Leave a comment below to claim a spot if you want a drawing! I will note you payment info and ask for reference information too :)

Another round of Piñatas!


5 December 2018 at 22:35:41 MST

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