I'M ALIVE *is alive* by R-Complex

I'M ALIVE! I'm back home after leaving for the North for about 2 years. Got some new skills to work out and bunch of new arts to load up here.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard the fall of Tumblr, I'm no longer there anymore. I'm sure my page was on the chopping block, so I'm packing it down until the axe falls on the 17th. Anyway I got new stuff somewhere and hope to be more active here as well. I'm mostly on FurAffinity for the time being, but after Tumblr fell, I'm moving in here.

I had a feeling it would eventually take a plunge, barely anyone but bots would watch my page and it was discouraging enough to stop me from posting to it. So it's a free for all over there. Anyway, I'm back and kicking, making sure that my art space is ready to rock with all the new stuff I'm doing. Ok, back to the grind!

I'M ALIVE *is alive*


5 December 2018 at 19:52:05 MST

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    Welcome back to weasyl.

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      Thanks! Good to be back :D